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This Day Aria on Flute

Flutershy rewrote Erccre147's arrangement of This Day Aria for the flute. I don't play the flute myself, but I'm sure the song sounds great on it, the tonality seems to fit perfectly.

You can find Flutershy's arrangement here (on Noteflight). It's a great resource for any flute players out there, so take a look! Many thanks to Flutershy for sharing her musical talents.

(Side note: This image has a hilarious animation mistake. It makes me giggle, although I'm afraid Evil Cadance will come after me for laughing at her.)


  1. animation error?
    one eye closed other one eye open.
    ponies dont have 1 eye last time i checked

  2. Agree with Xwolf. It's not an animation error-the eye facing the mirror is closed, while the one facing 'you' is open. What's so hard to understand about that?

  3. I think they did it that way to give her that sinister evil creepy crawly in yo face look. I think it looks pawsum

  4. I'm a flute player, and I love this song. So glad it's out for flute. I've had to make do with the piano version until now.

  5. Her mane is part of the animation error. In the mirror it extends out past the end of her face while on her, the mane isn't there.

    Also. I'm a flute player and a few of the notes seem a little off. The B flats at the end sound like they should be natural instead. I played it out on my piano and it sounded correct with them natural. Same with a few other the other notes in the piece. Otherwise, great arrangement and I'd love to see more for flute in the future.