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Full Orchestration Aria

Another awesome This Day Aria post! This time, teslahead has written a full orchestration of everypony's favorite aria. If there's anything cooler than pony songs, it's full orchestrations of pony songs.

Find teslahead's sheet music here. You can also listen to a midi of the full orchestration. Oh, and if anypony actually convinces a full orchestra to play this song (or any pony song!), record it and let us know, because I want to see that go down.

Many thanks to teslahead for sharing his talents!


  1. Awesome! This is my friend at school and this was a beautiful composition! Thanks for finally getting the chance to uploading it and making this 20% cooler :D

    Can't wait for more songs EPS ()especially the awaiting season 3!

    As always, thanks and /)