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Original Compositions from Calcgeek117

Calcgeek117 (by the way, I love your name) wrote two cool pony-inspired compositions. Both are well worth listening to.

The first is called Octavia's Remorse, and you can watch it in the video or listen to it on Soundcloud. The second song is Twilight's Lullaby, which you can find over on Soundcloud. I really like the instrumentation on both these songs—the piano really sets the tone.

Well done, Calcgeek117!

Full Orchestration Aria

Another awesome This Day Aria post! This time, teslahead has written a full orchestration of everypony's favorite aria. If there's anything cooler than pony songs, it's full orchestrations of pony songs.

Find teslahead's sheet music here. You can also listen to a midi of the full orchestration. Oh, and if anypony actually convinces a full orchestra to play this song (or any pony song!), record it and let us know, because I want to see that go down.

Many thanks to teslahead for sharing his talents!

This Day Aria for Clarinet

Wow, it is great to see so many different instrumentations of pony songs! I can tell that This Day Aria has a lot of fans, since it's being arranged by so many folks. The more, the merrier, as far as I'm concerned.

The latest version comes from frequent contributor Dimondium, and it's an arrangement for This Day Aria on clarinet. As always, Dimondium did a great job on this piece. Find it here on Noteflight. Clarinet players, try it out and let us know what you think!

Thanks, Dimondium!

We're on Facebook!

Hey guys, I'm pleased to announce that I made a Facebook page for the site. You can find it here! This will be a great way for us to keep in touch with all of you coming in and I'll post some of the news here on the site on the Facebook page so those of you who are addicted to FB can get the same coverage we have here. Plus I'll post my interviews there as well as here to make sure you see them.

I really have no idea why we haven't thought of this sooner. Well, better late than never, right?

Octavia's Day Off

Dimondium makes all sorts of great music, and his most recent piece is a beautiful example. It's a relaxing song with a peaceful quality to it. You can listen to it over in the video.

On a similar note, Dimondium also shared a video of his school band playing Becoming Popular (the music starts at the two minute mark). It's pretty darn amazing! Check it out over here.

Thanks to Dimondium for sharing his musical talents. You can find his Youtube channel over here.

Trombone, Baritone, and Tuba Music

Erccre147 is a talented guy who arranges pony music for the trombone, baritone, and tuba. His most recent piece of work is for Find A Pet, and Erccre147 has done a beautiful job as always.

The music for trombone and baritone can be found over here, and the tuba sheet music is here. Thanks for sharing, Erccre147!

If you want to see more pony music from Erccre147, simply look for his name in the big list of songs for season one or season two.

This Day Aria on Flute

Flutershy rewrote Erccre147's arrangement of This Day Aria for the flute. I don't play the flute myself, but I'm sure the song sounds great on it, the tonality seems to fit perfectly.

You can find Flutershy's arrangement here (on Noteflight). It's a great resource for any flute players out there, so take a look! Many thanks to Flutershy for sharing her musical talents.

(Side note: This image has a hilarious animation mistake. It makes me giggle, although I'm afraid Evil Cadance will come after me for laughing at her.)

This Bass Aria

ESPPony is one of our newer team members, but I just can't get enough of his covers. The most recent one he shared is a cover of This Day Aria on guitar and bass guitar. The electric guitar riffs are simply amazing, they fit so perfectly with the tone of the song (both Cadences, in fact).

Anyway, you should listen to the cover! You can watch it in the video, or download an mp3. If you're up for it, you can also try out the guitar and bass tabs.

Winter Wrap Up Guitar Tab

We're very grateful to jackupthoseapples for sharing a wonderful set of guitar tabs for Winter Wrap Up. They are incredibly detailed and have all sorts of useful notes about tuning, slides, etc. It even has some helpful tips for strumming and rhythm. It's a great resource, so check it out over here.

Thanks to jackupthoseapples for sharing. It's very much appreciated!

A few more posts are coming today, so stayed tuned.

Two Originals from Sandvich Party

As one of our semi-regular contributors, SandvichParty always does an awesome job with his original pieces. Tonight we have two new ones to share with you all. The first is called Fractured Harmony, and you can give it a listen in the video at right. Something tells me that Discord would approve of all the synth... why is that?

The second original song is a remix of Rainbow Factory (original by Wooden Toaster). SandvichParty calls his remix Rockin' Factory, which I think is a perfect title. You can find that song here. Or you can check out SandvichParty's other songs on his Youtube channel.

Beyond Her Garden Cover/Visualization

One of the great things about the MLP:FiM fandom is all the original music being written by creative fans. One example of this is the song Beyond Her Garden by Wooden Toaster.

Another great thing about MLP fans is how they build on one another's work to create new things—like remixes, covers, and visualizations. WeimTime007 has shared many of his visualizations with us before, and today we're happy to post up his visualization of Beyond Her Garden. Take a look in the video! You can also download a midi or visit WeimTime's Youtube channel.

Zap Apple Night

The Runner shared this cool song called Zap Apple Night. It's a peaceful piece of music with some neat instrumentation. I can definitely imagine the Apple family sitting around a campfire and playing it. Give it a listen over on the right.

You can find more music on The Runner's Youtube channel or Soundcloud. Thanks for sharing, The Runner!

I hope everypony out there has a wonderful and restful night.

The Perfect Stallion Plays Guitar Tab

Hey everypony! If you want to be the perfect stallion—or find the perfect stallion—you need to play guitar tab. (Don't ask me to explain that logic, it's just true.)

Fortunately, Hannibal is here to help. He shared a great tab for The Perfect Stallion for guitar. It's very well done, so guitar players should enjoy trying it out! Find it here. You can also find Hannibal on Tumblr.

Many thanks to Hannibal for sharing this excellent tab!

Smile Smile Smile

Cloverfriend shared some great chords for Smile. They work well for the guitar—or for ukulele, which is how I tried them out. The chords Cloverfriend wrote give a nice simple progression that is easy for beginners (like me!) to play. Very well done, Cloverfriend! If you want to play along, you can find the chords here.

(Side note: this picture is my favorite moment in the Smile song. It practically makes me tear up when I see it. Friendship forever!)

Happy Birthday/Interview news

Hey guys, it's me again. Yeah, I'm not dead. xD But anyway, since today is ES' birthday, I figured I'd post a track as a present not only to my colleagues like ESP, Coda, and the rest, but also to each and every one of you who view the site for whatever it is. You can find it here! It's a remix of Perfect Stallion with sort of a Murray Head/New Wave twist.

In terms of interview news, a few guys I have lined up are metal maven Bronyfied, newcomer and acoustic extraordinaire Caine the Doombringer, and one of my colleagues on Equestria Music, Glitchhog.

It's Everypony Sings' First Birthday!

Today, May 18th, is Everypony Sing's birthday! It's hard to believe that this site started only one year ago. It has grown immensely from a site with just a few things to a massive library - nearly 300 files in all.

To celebrate, ESPPony put together this recording of the Happy Birthday Song. It's a fun little piece of music (I love the tonalities ESPPony gets out of his guitar). The wonderful artwork in the video was done by tanaisfox.

I also want to express my deepest gratitude for everypony who visits and shares music with the site. It's been a true privilege to see and listen to your talent. This fandom is an amazing thing - I've never experienced anything quite like it before.

This site is truly the work of the community. Y'all have helped this site to grow and encouraged people to play great music. All of us on the team are extremely grateful. Now let's look forward to another fantastic year!

Ukulele Chords Galore!

Hammil has shared a whole pile of chords with the site before. Now he's gone back and added notes to his old chords so that you can play them on the ukulele, too. The updated songs are Winter Wrap Up, Becoming Popular, Perfect Stallion, Smile, and the Italian Intro. You can find all those chords in the Season One and Season Two music pages. He also updated his chords for the fan song Are You Proud to be a Brony.

As if that weren't enough, he's also shared some new chords for the Welcome Song, B.B.B.F.F., and Love is in Bloom. These chords can be used for guitar or ukulele. Many thanks, Hammil!

You'll Fall in Love With This

This video is a real treat. It's a recording of Love's in Bloom done by haymaker and zahqo. Their recording is nothing short of excellent - they interpret the song with a great sense of energy. Heck, I'm looking forward to adding this one to my iPod so that I can listen to it all the time!

As if this were not enough, haymaker and zahqo also generously shared the chords and tabs for this song. Check them out over here and have fun! Many thanks to haymaker and zahqo.

Original: Ridley in Ponyville

TehAlphaGamer shared another original composition he wrote. This one's called Ridley in Ponyville and it's based on his fan fic of the same name.

The song has an ominous or mysterious feel to it which I really like. The violin part is especially cool. TehAlphaGamer did a great job on this piece! Give it a listen in the video, or surf over to his Youtube channel.

Alto Sax Wrap Up!

Good news, sax players—jd896 shared alto sax music for Winter Wrap Up! Here at Everypony Sings, we don't always have a lot of music resources for different instruments, so it's always great when someone shares a new resource.

In this case, we're happy to have Winter Wrap Up saxophone music, so many thanks to jd896. (You can visit him on DA or Youtube.) Find the sheet music here. I don't play the sax myself, but it looks excellent!

If you want to share pony music for your favorite instrument, send us an email! Check the "Share Music" page for more information.

Smile in C Major

What happens when you change the key of Smile to C major? To find out, Dimondium put this video together. The result is quite good; it almost sounds peaceful. Give it a listen.

You can also listen to more of Dimondium's music on his Youtube channel. Thanks for sharing, Dimondium!

Now onto a different subject. I recently got an email requesting pony music for the violin. If anyone has music like this to share, I'm sure it would be appreciated.

Controlled Chaos

Coconeru is one of my favorite pony fan vocalists that we are lucky to feature on Everypony Sings. He's done a lot of great covers of songs from the show in the past. This time he's shared an original song—a tribute to Discord, everypony's favorite villain (voiced by a Star Trek actor).

The song is called Controlled Chaos, and it has a definite Disney villain vibe going on. It's a ton of fun! Give it a listen in the video. You can also download the mp3 for yourself.

Thanks, Coconeru!

Piano Arrangements by DJDelta0

Many thanks to the talented DJDelta0 for sharing two piano arrangements of pony music. The first is BBBFF, which you can listen to in the embedded video. DJDelta0 brilliantly captures the energy and emotion from one of this season's most charming songs. The second arrangement is for This Day Aria, and it is just as beautiful.

The sheet music for BBBFF is here, and here is the music for This Day Aria. Both are hosted on Noteflight.

By the way, did you know Everpony Sings' birthday is coming up on May 18th? I think that's pretty freakin' awesome.

Daddy Discord (Four Hands Piano Version)

Are you familiar with the fan song Daddy Discord by SandJosieph? If not, you can listen to it here.

Well, Reedmace Star shared a four hands piano version of the song, which is quite excellent in its own right. One set of hands plays the Discord part, while the other hands play the Screwball part. Listen to Reedmace Star's version in the video. Then you can download the two sheet music parts, grab a friend, and play it together!

Here is the Discord sheet music, the Screwball sheet music, and the full score. Many thanks, Reedmace Star!

Love is in Bloom—ESPPony cover

Hey everypony! ESPPony, a member of our Everypony Sings team, shared another one of his great cover videos. If you haven't watched these, you should really start! He does an amazing job multiple-recording the music for pony songs, playing every instrument.

His latest cover is for Love is in Bloom. You can watch it in the video, then download the guitar/bass tab here. There's also an mp3 download link in the video description. And don't forget to visit ESPPony's Youtube channel to find more of his awesome videos!

Training Polka?

Rusty, a frequent contributor here at Everypony Sings, has shared a couple great new resources: chords for the Parasprite Polka and for Fluttershy's Training Montage.

The chords for the Parasprite Polka are here, and the chords for the Training Montage are here. Both are extremely well done, as we've come to expect from Rusty.

On another note: Fellow pony fans who are students are probably feeling the end-of-semester crush as much as some of the team here at Everypony Sings are. Our responses to emails and updates may be a little slow, but we haven't forgotten about you! Keep up the great work!

Pony Piano Tutorials!

DrSentenial is back with more excellent piano tutorials. If you want to play pony songs, but need someone to walk you through it, DrSentienial is here to help!

This time around, DrSentenial shared tutorials for The Perfect Stallion (to the left), the Parasprite Polka, the Title Theme, and a revamped version of Winter Wrap Up. Each one is a great resource. They'll go up on the big list of music tomorrow.

DrSentenial also shared his own covers of each of these songs, which you can find at the following links: The Perfect Stallion, Parasprite Polka, Title Theme, and Winter Wrap Up. Many thanks to DrS. for sharing all these videos!

Toss a Fig and Save the Date!

. . . Bread and butter, chant and mutter . . . I mean, I'm not a gypsy! Magic is forbidden!

If you think I've lost it, then it's possible you haven't watched Friendship is Witchcraft, the hilarious (and sometimes disturbing) fan show based on MLP:FiM. FiW has some excellent songs, which is the reason I'm talking about it here on Everypony Sings. You see, Coconeru sent in a cover of "Pinkie's Brew," a song very loosely based on Making Cupcakes. You can watch the original song here.

Coconeru's version is awesome and I love it! It's definitely worth listening to. It might even help you travel back in time to save your parents, but I'm not making any promises.

MLP Intro Synesthesia has been Doubled!

If you visit Everypony Sings regularly, you've probably seen WeimTime007's great visualizations/synesthesia videos. Well, he's back with two versions of the Title Theme, and they're both well done.

Embedded is his visualization of a solo piano version of the Intro. It was transcribed by whyPon and configured by WeimTime007. There's also sheet music to go with this version.

The other version is a full instrumentation of the Intro, which you can find here. Again, whyPon and WeimTime007 collaborated to make this video happen. Well done!

B.B.B.F.F. Bass Tab

Site contributor icy780 has shared an excellent bass tab for B.B.B.F.F., including the reprise. He always does great work with his bass resources, so you should take a look!

The tab is here. Break out your bass and play along with this sweet sibling song. You can also visit icy780's Youtube channel. If you want to find icy780's other music resources, look on the music pages or use the newspost search feature (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Thanks, icy780!

Season Two Lyric Songbook

Many thanks to Mega Brony for putting together this lyrics songbook - it includes all the words from all the music in the second season. Print it out, and have fun singing!

Thanks to Mega Brony for making the book and sharing.

Things are slowing down a bit as we move further away from the season finale, but we will still have a few more posts today. Stayed tuned!

The Opposing Dawn

Hey everypony! Remember a little while back, when SandvichParty posted an original piece called A Nightmarish Battle? Well, he's back with its Celestial counterpart, The Opposing Dawn. I have to say, I like this installment even better—and that's saying something, since SandvichParty always does such great work.

Check out the song in the video, or surf over to SandvichParty's Youtube channel to find more of his pony-inspired music. Many thanks, SandvichParty!

My Little Warzone: Betrayal: The Nightowl

A cool new original composition came through our inbox this week. It's called My Little Warzone: Betrayal: The Nightowl, and it was written by TehAlphaGamer. The song is kind of mysterious, and I like the rhythm. Give it a listen in the video. You can also find TehAlphaGamer on Youtube.

TehAlphaGamer wrote this piece to go along with his pony fan fiction. You can find that here. However, the fic does include mature content and it's very dark, so don't read it if that's not your thing.

Thanks to TehAlphaGamer for sharing his talents, both musical and literary!

This Day Aria Arrangement by OctaviasPianist

I love, love, love this song. It's dark, dramatic, and a bit cheesy (in the best possible way, of course). OctaviasPianist brilliantly captured all of this into a piano arrangement that you can listen to in the video. There is also sheet music and a midi file so that you can work on playing it yourself.

Thanks for sharing, OctaviasPianist!

On a different note, I've been implementing a few changes to the website, as you may have noticed. A few more design tweaks will happen over the next couple of days. It's nothing major, but I'll give a full explanation of everything once it's done.

Flim Flam Piano Arrangement

Those Flim Flam Brothers are back again! I mean... skootties is back again, and this time he's done a solo piano arrangement of the Flim Flam Brothers song. It's as good as we've come to expect from skootties' work (which, if you haven't been paying attention, is really good).

Listen to skootties' version in the video, or check out his sheet music so that you can play it yourself. Next time you're trying to sell someone a bridge in Brooklyn (or just cider in Ponyville), you'll have precisely the musical accompaniment you need.