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Smile, Clarinet Style

Dimondium, who's contributed to the site numerous times before, is at it again! This time he's shared a version of Smile Smile Smile as well as an original composition.

Smile first: Dimondium shared sheet music for Smile to be played on the clarinet. He also points out that the music could work just as well for the trumpet, since both instruments are in the same key. Find the sheet music here and play along to your heart's content.

Then you can listen to Dimondium's latest original composition, Everywhere You Are. It's a beautiful and elegant piece of music, and definitely worth listening to. It's based on a fan fiction, which you can read here. You can listen to the song in the embedded video or download the mp3.

1 comment:

  1. This really touched my heart it really did. The fanfic also made me have that really sad yet happy feeling. The one that says "I'm so sad this amazing thing is over, but it's not so bad the future will always be so bright." A lot of the music out there is good, but this song and story made me burst into tears.

    Many Thanks