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Introducing ESPPony!

Okay, the truth is that we have already made posts about ESPPony's music, and many of you have already seen his videos on Youtube. But today, I am excited to introduce him as the newest member of the Everypony Sings team. He's going to be helping out with things related to guitar and bass tabs, and we're really happy to have him join up with the site. You can see ESPPony's large catalog of pony videos and tabs over on his Youtube channel. He will be added on the About page sometime in the near future.

You can see an example of ESPPony's work on the left: it's bass and guitar tablature for the Smile Song. It's absolutely fantastic (I find the bass line particularly addictive). ESPPony has this song divided into three parts: a bass tab, a clean guitar tab, and a distorted guitar tab. It's great stuff!

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