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A Coconeru Cover

The very talented Coconeru has created another piece of music: an a cappella cover of Rainbow Factory. If your not familiar with the original, you can listen to it over here. Coconeru trades all the instrumentation for the human voice, and the result is spectacular. It is even complete with a beatbox! Words cannot truly do it justice, so just give the video a listen.

Thanks to Coconeru for sharing. As always, don't forget that Coconeru has more music on his Youtube channel.

I hope that somewhere out there in this big world, there is a college a cappella group that specializes in pony songs. That would be awesome.


  1. I find this hilarious. All the creepiness is gone, and I'm...laughing. It sounds like 20 me's singing along to it. XD

  2. XD hehe it was a total headache to make llike jeeze. :)