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Trombones for Everypony!

By Celestia, so much trombone music! Golden Glissando shared a pile of trombone sheet music that he's been working on. If you play the trombone, you can now play along to Giggle at the Ghosty, Making Cupcakes, and Winter Wrap Up. The first two files include the original key and a B flat version. The B flat version of Winter Wrap Up has its own file over here.

All four versions have midi files that go with them, too: Giggle at the Ghosty, Making Cupcakes, Winter Wrap Up, and W.W.U. in Bb. This took a lot of effort, and all these pieces are fabulous. Pinkie Pie would certainly approve!

Thanks, Golden Glissando (who also has a Youtube channel)!


  1. What? No tuba music? Please put tuba pony solos soon. Please? Pretty please?

    1. Your wish has been granted!

      William Falkner made this version of Winter Wrap Up a few weeks back. At the moment, I think this is the only piece of tuba music linked to on the site.