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Something to Make You Smile

Here is a real treat: Vccj recorded this cover of Smile, and it is nothing short of amazing. He took an adorable song and somehow made it even 20%  more adorable. It's has an endearing ukelele, creative vocals, and an addictive rhythm.

Give it a listen with this MP3. Then download the MP3 so that you can listen to it again and again. That's what I'm going to do.

Thanks for sharing this piece, Vccj!


  1. I think Smile, Smile, Smile, is one of my favorite songs yet. I LOVE this cover. :D When I was expecting how he'd do the slow part, then he didn't even slow down I was like D:, It's not gonna work, but it worked like crazy! Awesome!

    1. Psssst!
      Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it :3
      About the slow part, I was kinda wondering if I should go for some lovely, gentle fingerpicking, but the song's so... Happy and upbeat I didn't want to slow it down at all. Thank goodness it seems to have worked out...
      Kinda wondering if I should do more covers.

    2. The answer is yes! I would love to hear more.