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Massive Smile Project

Some of you may know about this project already, but if not, listen up! Brony Forest Rain is working on what he calls the "Massive Smile Project". The goal is to have pony fans from all over the world record themselves singing Smile, so they can all be put together into one awesome recording. Forest Rain is even looking at worthy charities that could receive the money from a paid download of the final product.

There is more info in the video, and video description, as well as in this Google doc. The deadline is March 15, so hurry up and start recording! Contact Forest Rain if you have questions (his info is in the video description, or you can find him on the Rainbow Dash Network).


  1. Just thought I'd mention-- I'm thinking of using Global Giving as a delivery method for the song/video, and looking pretty strongly at this charity:

    Here's the synopsis: "Music Rx fights the pain and isolation of hospitalization with music therapists, volunteer musicians and the mobile music cart that plays music, videos and has hundreds of instruments to bring joy!"

  2. That looks like an awesome charity! Music is an amazing thing - I imagine it is a great way to comfort and inspire people in pain.

    Thanks for organizing this project, Forest Rain. It is truly admirable.