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Extended Title Theme

Did you all know that there's an extended version of the Title Theme?! I did not, but my eyes have been opened. It was included on the recent DVD release, The Friendship Express. Take a look!

Mr. Mediocre was inspired by the extended theme, and pulled out all the stops to make sure everypony could sing and play along! He shared guitar tab, bass tab, and chords for the extended version, as well as chords to the original version. My hat's off to you, Mr. Mediocre—well done!

The links for the extended intro will have their permanent home over on the page for season one.


  1. Have a look over at, and I've found some lyrics errors in some of your songs. Maybe not you on Everypony sings that owns all those, but the owner should correct all the errors.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out! As you said, I don't have the ability to edit most of the music we link to on the site, but I'll keep my eye out for errors that I can fix.