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Find a Pet Chords!

Pony fan Gokenshadow shared some wonderful chords for the Find a Pet song. The song is long and complex, but Gokenshadow did a great job.

You can find the chords here. Then, after you're done playing along, you can visit Gokenshadow's Youtube channel or DA page.

Many thanks to Gokenshadow for his talent and effort! These chords are a ton of fun to play.

Bright-Colored Skies

SandvichParty, who has shared some of his work on the site before, has contributed another great original composition called "Bright-Colored Skies." It's a Rainbow Dash-themed piece, and it's a ton of fun! Give it a listen.

You can also visit SandvichParty's Youtube channel to see his other pony videos.

Thanks to SP for sharing his musical talents!

Well, You've Got Opportunity...

... To listen to an awesome cover of the Flim Flam Brothers song! Coconeru shared a great cover version where he does all the voices (except the background chorus). It's really fun and charming—give it a listen!

You should also surf over to Coconeru's Youtube channel. And take a look at two other covers he's done in the past: one of Hush Now, Quiet Now, and one of Cupcakes.

Thanks for sharing, Coconeru!

Smile Fully Orchestrated

Dimondium has shared all sorts of great music with this site, and this song is no exception! He has put together a fully orchestrated version of Smile, Smile, Smile, and it sounds absolutely gorgeous.

You can listen to the song on the left, and don't forget that Dimondium has more fun music over on his Youtube channel.

Dimondium also sends a word of thanks to supermatt314, whose music materials for Smile helped a lot for this orchestration.

More iPhone Magic

I have an iPhone, but I can't do much with it aside from making calls and playing Cut the Rope. Dvixer, however, uses it to make some amazing pieces of music!

Dvixer wrote a version of the Title Theme, which was shared in a post a few weeks back. He has now updated his music for this song to make the delightful little tune in the video on the right. It includes a full and karaoke version.

Thanks for sharing, Dvixer! You can surf over to his Youtube channel if you want to see more of his music.

Hot off the presses!

Hey everypony! The first interview for Everypony Sings is finished. Come check it out at this link here. Expect to see more from me in the near future, and as always, if you have any suggestions on guys you want me to try my hand at, just give me a shout at one of the two emails I have in the interview.

And I'd also like to thank Candy Coda for giving me the opportunity to do this job in the first place. Rock on, bro! Anyway, everyone else in attendance, come check it out!

Solo Piano Smile

If you like playing piano, and you like smiling (and who doesn't?), then this is the post for you! Piranhaplant, who has shared music with Everypony Sings in the past, sent in a solo piano version of Smile Smile Smile. As always, he's done a beautiful job.

Find the piano sheet music here. You can also find Piranhaplant's other pieces on the music pages. Keep singing, keep playing, and keep smiling, everypony!

Hurricane Fluttershy

If you've seen the episode today, you probably were as excited as we were about the awesome hard rock montage scene. We are always happy to share sheet music or tabs for the background music for the show, and we are thrilled to already see a version from this morning's episode.

NinjaRat3 shared guitar tab for the montage, which means you can rock out while you prepare for your very own hurricane (or just because the song's awesome). Find the tab here.

Many thanks to NinjaRat3 for sharing your musical talents!

It's Not Very Far...

Just move your little rump! Or rather, just move your cursor and you can click on chords for the demo version of Hop, Skip and Jump. Rusty, one of our many talented contributors here at Everypony Sings, shared chords that he wrote for the demo version of the song.

Find the chords here. You can also find other versions of this song (icy780 shared bass tabs for it recently) under the "Bonus Music" for season one. Thanks to Rusty and all you other pony music fans!

Trombones for Everypony!

By Celestia, so much trombone music! Golden Glissando shared a pile of trombone sheet music that he's been working on. If you play the trombone, you can now play along to Giggle at the Ghosty, Making Cupcakes, and Winter Wrap Up. The first two files include the original key and a B flat version. The B flat version of Winter Wrap Up has its own file over here.

All four versions have midi files that go with them, too: Giggle at the Ghosty, Making Cupcakes, Winter Wrap Up, and W.W.U. in Bb. This took a lot of effort, and all these pieces are fabulous. Pinkie Pie would certainly approve!

Thanks, Golden Glissando (who also has a Youtube channel)!

Hop, Skip, and Jump (Demo Version) Tabs

Here is some super cool news: Icy780 wrote up a bass tab for the demo version of Hop, Skip, and Jump. This is pretty darn exciting because Everypony Sings has never shared music for this song before. Icy780 is a talented guy who always does a nice job with his music, so check it out. And don't forget about his Youtube channel.

You can listen to the demo version of this song here, or find out more about this history of this song over at the MLP wiki. If you're also feeling inspired to write music for this song, and if you want to share, just shoot us an email.

Thanks again to Icy780!

Everypony Smile Smile Smile

We have another great version of Smile to share, thanks to supermatt314. He did a really accurate and nice-sounding midi version of the song. Download it here. You can also watch the visual representation of the song in the video on the left.

Many thanks to supermatt314 for his great work! You should visit his Youtube channel to see other pony videos he's done, including some other awesome visualizations of songs from the show.

Piggy Dance Midi

Many thanks to Zorg for writing and sharing this midi of the Piggy Dance. It sounds great - a perfect rendition of the original. I think midis like these are really a fantastic thing. Not only are they fun to listen to, but they are a valuable resource for making your own music.

Here is the link for the midi. Zorg also has a Youtube Channel with lots of other fun music.

Thanks again, Zorg!

Something to Make You Smile

Here is a real treat: Vccj recorded this cover of Smile, and it is nothing short of amazing. He took an adorable song and somehow made it even 20%  more adorable. It's has an endearing ukelele, creative vocals, and an addictive rhythm.

Give it a listen with this MP3. Then download the MP3 so that you can listen to it again and again. That's what I'm going to do.

Thanks for sharing this piece, Vccj!

Pony Musical Arrangements!

William Falkner, the awesome and generous brony who offered to do new pony arrangements on request a while back, shared some great work with us. They cover a whole host of instruments—if you're Pinkie Pie, you can probably play them all at once! Check it out:

Find a Pet for brass quintet (two trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba)

Extended Title Theme for alto sax

Winter Wrap Up for tuba (or any low C instrument)

These are all fantastic arrangements, and we're super impressed by William's generosity and musical talents. Thanks again!

Original Composition: Hopes, Dreams, and Regrets

Dimondium, who has shared both original and in-show music with Everypony Sings before, is back with another wonderful piece he wrote. This one's called "Hopes, Dreams, and Regrets" and is based on the same universe as his last song "In Loving Memory."

Listen to the piece in the video, or download an mp3 file. Check out Dimondium's Youtube channel to see more of his work.

Dimondium also shared a fun OC pony he named Clarence the Clarinetist.

Making Cupcakes Melody Tab

Second post for tonight, and it's time for more Pinkie Pie! Shawnyall wrote up a guitar melody tab for Making Cupcakes for your playing pleasure. So if you're not an expert baker, try grabbing your guitar instead.

Thanks for sharing your musical talent, Shawnyall!

Now for a routine reminder: Everypony Sings is on the Rainbow Dash Network. You can follow us there to keep up with all the news happening here. The RDN is also just a fun place to hang out.

Just Move Your Little Rump!

There is nothing like a Pinkie Pie song to brighten up your day, so here are some chords for Hop, Skip, and Jump by Rusty! It's a short and fun piece of music that is a blast to play. Not to mention, Rusty always does a nice job. You can see some of Rusty's other work by looking down the big lists of music.

Thanks for sharing, Rusty!

By the way, don't forget that tomorrow is the first day of spring. Personally, I'm going to spend the entire day singing one of my favorite pony songs.

Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000!

The Flim Flam brothers are at it again! By which I mean, we have another great version of their song to share. Reedmace Star sent in a transcription of the Flim Flam Brothers Song, and it's well worth checking out.

Reedmace Star included a variety of files: a Lilypond version, a midi file, a transcription, and a bass tab (the last two are pdfs). Listen to the song, or play along yourself! You should also check out R.S.'s Youtube channel.

Thanks, Reedmace Star!

Interviews on the way!

Hey guys, Power Chord here. I just want to fill all of you in on what's going on with me and the interview situation.

I finished recording an interview with William Anderson (The BGM guy from MLP) and he was a blast to talk to. Soon I'll be editing that and sending him a copy so the Hasbro guys will approve it and I can post it here, so keep your eyes peeled!

Also, in the near future, I will be interviewing Acoustic Brony but that'll more than likely be in text rather than audio/video. I should have that interview up before Anderson's, since editing takes a while and so will the approval process, I assume.

Anyway, I am always looking for more guys to interview, so if you are interested or have connections to some more popular brony musicians, email me at

Ukulele Lullaby

Coconeru shared a sweet cover of Hush Now, Quiet Now. The ukulele sounds so cute and charming! It's everything Fluttershy would want to hear in a lullaby.

Listen to the song in the video, or visit Coconeru's Youtube channel for more of his videos! (He has a really cute one of Prince Gumball's song "Oh Fiona" from Adventure Time, too.)

Thanks for sharing,  Coconeru!

Original: (One in One Hundred) In Loving Memory

Dimondium, who has shared his pony talents with the site before, sent in an original composition called "(One in One Hundred) In Loving Memory." As you might guess from the title, it's a slow, sad piece, but it's beautiful. The instrumentation works well to convey the feeling of the song.

The song is based on a story Dimondium wrote. Here's a link to the story if you want to check it out. Watch the video, visit Dimondium's Youtube channel, or download the mp3 for yourself.

Minecrafting the Title Theme

Pastel Ink shared an impressive version of the extended Title Theme done on the most awesomely nerdy instrument out there: Minecraft note blocks!

Take a listen, it's a really fun video. You can also visit Pastel Ink's Youtube channel for more Minecraft and pony videos.

Thanks, Pastel Ink for sharing your musical talent!

The Title Theme Has Been Doubled!

We have another great version of the extended Title Theme to share with you all. This one was shared by Golden Glissando, and it's absolutely beautiful. It's an arrangement of the full extended Title Theme done for the piano.

Golden Glissando included a Youtube video, an mp3 and a midi file so you can listen to his version. There's also a pdf and MuseScore file of the sheet music so you can play along. Check out Golden Glissando's Youtube channel for more!

In other news, have you contributed to the Massive Smile Project? There's only a few days remaining to be a part of the magic!

Soaring the Skies

Djeinus shared an awesome original composition that he wrote called "Soaring the Skies." It's really well done and makes me wish I had an orchestra's worth of friends to play it for me.

Watch the video to hear Soaring the Skies for yourself. Then visit Djeinus' Youtube channel and listen to it again! Thanks for sharing your musical talents, Djeinus!

Wrapping Up, Garageband Style

Dvixer, who shared two videos earlier of pony songs done in Garageband on his iPhone, is back with more! This time, Dvixer shared a Garageband version of Winter Wrap Up. Like the earlier videos, this one is really well done and sounds great. Take a listen!

You can download the m4a file here, or visit Dvixer's Youtube channel to see all his videos.

Thanks for sharing your music again, Dvixer!

Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes!

We have a another great recording to share with you, pony fans! Coconeru did a charming rendition of Cupcakes on the ukulele. The uke really suits the tone of the song.

Watch the video to hear Coconeru's cover, or download the mp3. Then you can visit his Youtube channel or his DA page. Thanks, Coconeru!

By the way, don't forget to check out the post below about music commissions.

Exciting News: Free Arrangement Commissions!

I got an email yesterday that made me make this face! Here's the deal: a very nice person, named William Falkner, contacted me to say that he is doing free pony music commissions.  More specifically, he is interested in doing arrangements of music from the show.

Here are some examples of what William can do: a clarinet arrangement of Winter Wrap Up and Making Cupcakes done with a trio of woodwind instruments. If you've always wanted to play Smile on the violin, or Find a Pet as a woodwind quartet, now is your chance!

You can send William an email at bronycomposer[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to find out more. Thanks for this generous offer, William!

Trombone Theme

Golden Glissando (the artist formerly known as ThePianoGuy27) has joined in on writing sheet music for some different instruments. In this case, he shared trombone sheet music for the Title Theme. It's really well done! Golden Glissando also says the same sheet music could be used by other instruments, such as the euphonium baritone or bassoon.

Find the sheet music here, or listen to a midi here. You can also visit his Youtube channel.

Thanks, Golden Glissando!

Everypony iPhone!

Dvixer shared a very impressive project: he used Garageband on his iPhone to make versions of the Parasprite Polka and the Title Theme. They are spot-on, and I'm really impressed he could do so much on a smartphone. (I still have a dumbphone, so I'm mystified about these sorts of things!)

The Parasprite Polka is on the left, and the Title Theme is after the jump. You can also find the m4a file for Parasprite Polka here, and for the Theme here. Then you should visit Dvixer's Youtube channel.

Thanks for sharing your iPhone talents, Dvixer!

Cupcakes + Clarinet

All you have to do is take a cup of... clarinet? Nope, that 's not going to rhyme. But we have clarinet sheet music to share from Dimondium for Making Cupcakes. Thanks to Dimondium and a few others, we are developing an awesome collection of links to pony music for different instruments!

The sheet music for Making Cupcakes is here. You can also visit Dimondium's Youtube channel. Many thanks to Dimondium for sharing his musical talents!

Extended Title Theme

Did you all know that there's an extended version of the Title Theme?! I did not, but my eyes have been opened. It was included on the recent DVD release, The Friendship Express. Take a look!

Mr. Mediocre was inspired by the extended theme, and pulled out all the stops to make sure everypony could sing and play along! He shared guitar tab, bass tab, and chords for the extended version, as well as chords to the original version. My hat's off to you, Mr. Mediocre—well done!

The links for the extended intro will have their permanent home over on the page for season one.

More Flute Music

There are some instruments that are just really charming, and the flute is one of them. So here is a flute arrangement of Hush Now, Quiet Now by Under D Chords! I'm not a flautist myself, but I bet this song sounds great on the flute. I imagine that the tonality of the instrument would match well with the adorableness that is Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle. Under D Chords also shared his OC pony because, you know, OC ponies are awesome. Here it is.

Thanks for doing such nice work with this music Under D Chords!

By the way, if ya like to sing, think about joining the Massive Smile Project. Music and charity together - what's not to love?

Midi Magic

Supermatt314 shared some great work with Everypony Sings: he's done really nice midi versions of Winter Wrap Up and Making Cupcakes. If you're doing a remix, or just want to listen to these awesome songs, this is just what you need.

Supermatt also did visual representations of the songs. Winter Wrap Up is on the left, and Making Cupcakes is after the jump. It's a cool and different way to experience these songs. You can also visit Supermatt314's Youtube channel.

Thanks, Supermatt314!

A New Track from Power Chord

Power Chord, a team member recently added to the site, wrote this 80s inspired piece of synthpop. It's not necessary pony related, but it's still a cool piece of music. Electric guitar, drum machine, synthesizer... it's like traveling back in time (in a very, very good way)! The song is a ton of fun, and exceptionally well mixed, so make sure to give it a quick listen over on SoundCloud.

Now, if you need me, I'll be spending the rest of the evening listening to this song and looking at Deloreans on eBay.

(Also, where can I buy a flux capacitor?)

Reedmace Star Rocks

Another post from a very talented pony fan who shared a couple of things with us. This time around, it's Reedmace Star, and he shared some really unique pony musical talents.

First of all, he's done a sheet music version of Smile Smile Smile. It includes a bass line, Pinkie Pie's vocals, the background vocals, and chords. Just what you need to host a group singalong at your next party. It's guaranteed to get everyone smiling! (Guarantee does not apply among non-ponies) Take a look at the PDF, listen to the midi, or check out the Lilypond version.

Reedmace Star also shared a version of Hush Now Quiet Now like you've never heard it before. It's a baroque counterpoint rewrite of the song. Trust me, you just have to hear it. As a matter of fact, you could also play it with this sheet music. Listen to it in the embedded video, then go over to Reedmace Star's Youtube channel.

Dimondium Rocks

Dimondium shared two different pieces with us, but we're putting them into one post for your listening pleasure.

First, he transposed At the Gala into D flat major. If you are a musically-inclined pony fan, you probably know that changing the key of a piece can give it a different sound. As Dimondium said when he sent this to us, At the Gala in Db major sounds awesome. You can find this version on Youtube, or listen to the midi version.

Second, Dimondium wrote an original piece called Spitfire's Theme. It's a very chill piece of music, because Spitfire is so cool. Listen to Spitfire's Theme in the embedded video after the jump, or visit Dimondium's Youtube channel.

Original Composition: Dashing Strings

We have a cool original composition to share with everypony. SandvichParty wrote a piece called "Dashing Strings." It totally rocks. In fact, I am comfortable saying it is 20% cooler. (Don't ask 20% cooler than what, or Rainbow Dash will be very disappointed in you.)

You can listen to the piece in the video, or visit SandvichParty's Youtube channel. Great job on this original composition!

Thanks, SandvichParty!

Flute Music!

Everypony Sings is expanding the collection of sheet music for different instruments, thanks to Under D Chords. He sent in flute music for the Title Theme and Giggle at the Ghosty. If you play the flute, today's your day!

Under D Chords did a great job on this sheet music. You can find sheet music for the Title Theme here, and for Giggle at the Ghosty here. There's also a MuseScore file for the Title Theme.

Thanks, Under D Chords!

Winter Wrap Up: Percussion Version

PercussiveBrony shared a really cool piece of musical talent with Everypony Sings. It's Winter Wrap Up, done entirely with percussion instruments. This is definitely one you have to hear!

The video has PercussiveBrony's digital version. If you like, you can head over to PercussiveBrony's Youtube channel. You can also download the Finale sheet music and (if you have a percussion section worth of friends) play it for yourself!

Many thanks to PercussiveBrony!

Massive Smile Project

Some of you may know about this project already, but if not, listen up! Brony Forest Rain is working on what he calls the "Massive Smile Project". The goal is to have pony fans from all over the world record themselves singing Smile, so they can all be put together into one awesome recording. Forest Rain is even looking at worthy charities that could receive the money from a paid download of the final product.

There is more info in the video, and video description, as well as in this Google doc. The deadline is March 15, so hurry up and start recording! Contact Forest Rain if you have questions (his info is in the video description, or you can find him on the Rainbow Dash Network).

My Name is Pinkie Pie, and I am Here to Say...

Actually, my name is Ruby Rose, but I'm here to say that we have new chords to share for Pinkie's masterpiece, Smile! Piranhaplant, who has submitted to the site before, wrote Smile chords, and they are excellent—very detailed.

Find the chords here, and check out more of Piranhaplant's work by looking at the big list of music for season one and season two. Thanks for sharing your talents, Piranhaplant!

Bass Tabs! Bass Tabs for Everypony!

Bass-playing ponies, today's your day: icy780 has shared bass tabs for FOUR songs. He's shared his musical talents with us before—check out the music pages to see his other submissions. He always does a great job.

This time, icy780 has sent in bass tabs for the Singing Telegram, the Pony Pokey, the Buttering Up Song, and the Piggy Dance. As always, they're awesome. Go take a look! You can also check out icy780's Youtube channel.

An Original Song from Aerie

Aerie is back with another original piece. She writes charming songs that do a great job tapping into the emotions of various characters from the show. This song is all about a very misunderstood pony: Luna. You can click through the video if you want to read the lyrics. You can also surf over to Aerie's Youtube Channel.

Thanks for sharing, Aerie!

There will be a few more posts coming up today, including some new bass tabs and guitar chords. It's exciting stuff!