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Original Song for Derpy Hooves

Just about everypony has heard about the commotion surrounding Derpy Hooves, but here is a little background if you just returned from banishment on the moon. The cocked-eyed pony made an appearance in the episode "The Last Roundup", and her appearance caused a little bit of controversy. Hasbro then changed the episode, presumably in response to said controversy.

Yang Watanabe began writing this song a while back, but was thinking about scrapping it. However, after seeing the artwork dedicated to Derpy during her controversy, Yang Watanabe decided to finish this song dedicated to this gray, little pony.

Regardless of how you feel about this whole Derpy thing, we can all agree to enjoy good music. So give this beautiful song a listen! It's ambient and peaceful, but it also has a great sense of energy. You can also listen to this song on Bandcamp and enjoy more music with one of Yang Watanabe's EPs.

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