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Cranky Doodle Reprise (Cranky Doodle Joy)

We're back with a big thank-you to Rusty, who shared chords for the reprise of Cranky Doodle Donkey. Rusty has contributed to the site with music from both seasons of the show—find the other pieces Rusty has shared on the music pages.

The chords for the reprise are here. They are excellent—no surprise, since Rusty always does a nice job. As a side note, this song is also going as Cranky Doodle Joy, but we're labeling it as a reprise (for now) to make the organization on the site a little easier.

Thanks for sharing, Rusty!


  1. Nice, but I would suggest replacing a# with G#m and the sequence (C# Edim F#) with (B6 C#7 F#) both times.

  2. Makes sense. Since I'm not the author of the file, I can't make changes to it. If ya like, you can submit your own version, and I'll post it up.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this!