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Introducing Power Chord

I would like to introduce you all to a new member of the Everypony Sings team: Power Chord. He's the guy who done masterpieces such as this recording of Rainbow Dash's theme (from the episode Boast Busters). To say it simply, Power Chord is a talented guy.

Power Chord is going to be conducting interviews with different pony musicians, which will then be posted on the site. It'll be a chance to learn and hear from some great artists in the fandom.

We're still working out the details of this project, but keep an eye out for when it appears in the future. This will certainly be interesting stuff!

Original Song for Derpy Hooves

Just about everypony has heard about the commotion surrounding Derpy Hooves, but here is a little background if you just returned from banishment on the moon. The cocked-eyed pony made an appearance in the episode "The Last Roundup", and her appearance caused a little bit of controversy. Hasbro then changed the episode, presumably in response to said controversy.

Yang Watanabe began writing this song a while back, but was thinking about scrapping it. However, after seeing the artwork dedicated to Derpy during her controversy, Yang Watanabe decided to finish this song dedicated to this gray, little pony.

Regardless of how you feel about this whole Derpy thing, we can all agree to enjoy good music. So give this beautiful song a listen! It's ambient and peaceful, but it also has a great sense of energy. You can also listen to this song on Bandcamp and enjoy more music with one of Yang Watanabe's EPs.

Everypony's Looking for the Perfect Stallion

...Or the perfect mare. But in this case, it's The Perfect Stallion—specifically, piano sheet music for the song. OctaviasPianist, who has shared music with Everypony Sings before, sent in another great piece. As I said, it's sheet music for The Perfect Stallion, and OctaviasPianist did a great job.

You can watch OctaviasPianist playing the song (it's awesome!) in the embedded video. Then find the sheet music here. You can also listen to a midi version or an MP3 based on the midi. After all that, you can also check out OctaviasPianist's Youtube channel!

Thanks to tanaisfox!

I've often thought to myself, "The day I feel like Everypony Sings is a real website is the day when someone makes a piece of art for it." Well, today is that day! A very nice person named tanaisfox put together this amazing image of the pony cast joining together in song. I'm absolutely in love with it!

In fact, I'm liking this image so much that it will become a temporary banner on the site. Afterwards, it will find it's permanent home on the About page. Click here if you want to see the artwork in all its high definition glory. Thanks a million to tanaisfox!

Pinkie's Theme Song

Another great original composition has come our way! This one is by the Phony Brony, and it's all about Pinkie Pie! The song is called "Pinkie's Theme Song," and it is a fun, energetic piece with remixed awesomeness. Listen to it in the video, and then go check out the Phony Brony's Youtube channel.

Thanks to the Phony Brony and all the other pony fans who share their work with us. You rock!

A Song by Aerie: Special Somepony

Aerie wrote and recorded this charming piece of music about everypony's new favorite couple: Cheerilee and Big Mac. Aerie did a nice job creating an elegant, mellow song that taps into the emotions of these two ponies. Her songs really do have an wonderfully endearing quality to them.

The song, which is called Special Somepony, is on the left. You can also wander over to Aerie's Youtube Channel.

Now on to something completely different: have I reminded people about the Rainbow Dash Network recently? Well, you can follow us there to keep up to date with news from Everypony Sings!

Cranky Doodle Joy Tab

The latest piece shared with Everypony Sings is a guitar tab for Cranky Doodle Joy submitted by Rusty. Rusty has done a great job with tabs before—you can find his work on the music pages. His version of Cranky Doodle Joy is no exception.

Find the tabs here. If you have your own piece to share, send us an email at everyponysings <at> gmail <dot> com.

New System for Newsposts

Everypony Sings is back from vacation, with some fun news to share!

We've decided to start signing our posts. That means that you'll know which member of the EPS team is writing, and we won't have to awkwardly write "we" all the time. You can see the profiles of the various team members on the About page.

There will be some fun posts coming the next few days, so stay tuned!

Everypony Sings on Vacation

A couple members of the Everypony Sings team are going on a short vacation (until Saturday). So we won't have any newsposts for a couple of days, and we'll probably not be able to respond to emails.

Still, feel free to send us an message—we'll make sure to respond as soon as we can!

Original Composition: Always Does the Trick

Skootties shared an original composition called "Always Does the Trick (Twilight's Theme)." It's very cool, with a magical, mysterious vibe. The perfect piece for everypony's favorite magic unicorn (Trixie lovers to the left), staying up late working on her spells.

Skootties did a great job with the orchestration and composition. It has a sense of grandeur that would be right at home on a movie soundtrack. Listen for yourself! Then visit skootties' Youtube channel to see more of his stuff.

Time for bed, ponies. Thanks to skootties and all the other awesome musically-inclined fans out there!

Clarinet Music!

How do ponies play the clarinet when they don't have fingers? This is a first for Everypony Sings: Dimondium has shared clarinet sheet music for the Perfect Stallion. We don't play the clarinet, but we can tell from the video that Dimondium has talent!

You can find the sheet music here if you want to play it yourself. Or you can go to Dimondium's Youtube channel to see more. There are some fantastic fully orchestrated pony songs on there.

Thanks for sharing, Dimondium. It's pretty darn exciting to see clarinet music for this song!

Cranky Doodle Reprise (Cranky Doodle Joy)

We're back with a big thank-you to Rusty, who shared chords for the reprise of Cranky Doodle Donkey. Rusty has contributed to the site with music from both seasons of the show—find the other pieces Rusty has shared on the music pages.

The chords for the reprise are here. They are excellent—no surprise, since Rusty always does a nice job. As a side note, this song is also going as Cranky Doodle Joy, but we're labeling it as a reprise (for now) to make the organization on the site a little easier.

Thanks for sharing, Rusty!

Yankee... I mean, Cranky Doodle Donkey

Jepp shared chords for Cranky Doodle Donkey. Jepp's musical talents have graced the site before: he shared a melody tab for Becoming Popular a while back.

These chords are really well done, and the song is tons of fun (even if it is short!). You can find the chords here, and you can check out Jepp's DeviantArt page here. Many thanks to Jepp!

Here's a hint of what we still have to post this evening: chords to the reprise of Cranky Doodle Donkey, an amazing original piece, and some clarinet sheet music.

Bass Tabs! Bass Tabs for Everypony!

Icy780 shared more awesome bass tabs based on the songs from this week's episode: Smile, Cranky Doodle Donkey, and the Welcome Song. As always, icy780 did a great job writing these bass tabs, and we're impressed that they were written so quickly! You can also visit icy780's Youtube Channel.

We have quite a bit of pony music to share today, so check back later for more posts! This community continues to amaze—keep it up, pony fans!

Smile Transposed

More good news: iceberg210 built on the Smile chords by Mr. Mediocre (posted this morning) by transposing them. This version works by capoing the guitar rather than retuning it. Both versions are awesome, so you can pick which method you like best.

Check out iceberg210's chords here, and then surf over to his Deviantart page. The more you play this song and the more you smile, the happier Pinkie Pie will be!

Thanks for sharing your musical talent, iceberg210!

Oink Oink Oink

HarmoniousKeys shared a piano arrangement of Piggy Dance (Oink Oink Oink). For some reason, all of Pinkie Pie's songs sound great on piano, and (as always) H.K. did a great job on this arrangement.

There's a video of this version, and you can find the sheet music here. You can find HarmoniousKeys' other arrangements (Hush Now, Quiet Now and two versions of the Parasprite Polka) through the Season One music page.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to visit HarmoniousKeys' Youtube Channel!

Smile, Smile, Smile!

At long last! As we posted this morning, the leaked song Smile finally aired in this morning's episode, and it stole the show. It was even better in all its pony-parade glory. Watch for yourself in the video to the right.

There were two other songs as well (three if you count the reprise): Cranky Doodle Donkey and the Welcome Song. This is an exciting day for fans of pony music!

If you have chords, tabs, sheet music, or a recording of yourself playing any of these songs, send it to Everypony Sings and we'll be happy to share it on the site. Keep smilin', ponies!

*Spoilers* Come on and Smile!

It's finally here! We all know the Pinkie Pie fabulousness that is "Smile" leaked ages ago, but it's finally aired in the show. And you don't have to wait to start playing it yourself. Mr. Mediocre shared guitar chords for Smile. They're very well done, and we were super excited to get to play Smile and sing along with it—with a smile on our faces, of course.

Stay tuned for a permanent link on our Season Two music page, once we can get a high-def still image to use. This is one of the best songs so far this season, so we'd love for people to chime in with Mr. Mediocre and share their musical talents! We're always happy to put up other versions, sheet music, or covers, so send them our way.


A note from Candy Coda (site designer, musician):

A friend over on the Equestria Forums, who goes by Unfiltered-N on Deviant Art, was kind enough to let me use this wonderful vector of Fluttershy for the web design. Thank you! You can find this cute, little pony hiding at the bottom of the music page for season two.

If you're in the mood for some great artwork, or you need a fun wallpaper for your computer, head over to Unfiltered-N's DA page. While your at it, you can also take a peak at the Equestria Forums. It's full of some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet!

The Perfect Stallion Chords

Rusty, who's contributed to the site before, shared chords for The Perfect Stallion. Rusty always does a nice job, and this time is no exception.

Find the chords here. If you check the music pages, you can see other work Rusty has shared with Everypony Sings. Thanks, Rusty!

(Who's excited for the episode tomorrow? We have our fingers crossed for a new song!)

The Perfect Stallion Would Play Minecraft

Here is a new song to fall in love with: a Minecraft block version of the Perfect Stallion. Pastel Ink (aka. WistonAndTheRadish) put this together, and it sound fantastic. The song works well with the tonality of the blocks, and Pastel Ink did a great job with the timing of the notes. Not to mention, you get to admire Pastel Ink's super cool Cheerilee avatar!

Pastel Ink also has a Youtube Channel with some more fun music. It's impressive stuff.

Thanks, Pastel Ink!

Find a Pet and the Perfect Stallion on the Bass

Another Hearts and Hooves Day gift, this time for bass players: icy780, who's shared bass tabs with Everypony Sings before, is back with more. He sent in bass tabs for the Find a Pet song and The Perfect Stallion. They're awesome (and well formatted) so go take a look!

You can find the tabs for Find a Pet here, and The Perfect Stallion here. You should also check out icy780's Youtube channel.

Thanks for sharing your talent, icy780!

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, Everypony!

ThePianoGuy27, who shared a piano reduction of The Perfect Stallion yesterday, is back with more! First of all, he sent in a video of The Perfect Stallion on piano, which you can watch to the right.

Second, he shared a melody guitar tab for The Perfect Stallion. Ponies who play guitar, rejoice! It's a happy Hearts and Hooves Day for all of us, thanks to ThePianoGuy27. Why not check out his Youtube page in gratitude?

Perfect Stallion on Piano

Wow, that didn't take long! ThePianoGuy27 shared a piano reduction of The Perfect Stallion from yesterday's episode. He did a great job - the song sounds fantastic on the piano. It's also impressive that ThePianoGuy27 wrote out such a great piece so quickly.

There's a midi file to listen to ThePianoGuy27's version. You can find the sheet music here so you can play the song yourself. Also, surf over to his Youtube channel.

Thanks, ThePianoGuy27!

The Perfect Stallion

Another Saturday, another episode, another song! Today's sweet Hearts & Hooves number is called "The Perfect Stallion" according the Friendship is Magic wiki. We're including the video so that you can get inspired to create some perfect music of your own. As always, we're happy to share chords, tabs, sheet music, and other music resources. Just send us an email.

Happy Hearts & Hooves Day, everypony!

Bass Tabs!

Sergmaster00 shared two new bass tabs: one for Becoming Popular and one for the Heart Carol. Sergmaster00 has shared bass tabs with Everypony Sings before and always does an awesome job. If you look through the list of music, you'll see the other tabs Sergmaster00 has done.

Check out the Becoming Popular tab here, and the Heart Carol tab here! Many thanks, Sergmaster00!

(Note: If your browser makes text files look odd, try downloading them onto your computer by right clicking the link and selecting "Save Link As".)

Updated At the Gala Version

A while back, Dimondium shared a midi version of At the Gala, which was wonderfully done. We're pleased to let you know that Dimondium has done an updated version. He says the audio has been updated to make it sound much more realistic, and the accompanying video has some fun artwork to go along with it. All around, it's a great piece. Well done!

Here is the midi file for the music. Also, take a look at Dimondium's Youtube channel!

That's What It's All About

Get ready to dance because Rusty shared two new music resources for the Pony Pokey! The first is guitar chords, and the second is a guitar melody tab. Rusty always does great work, and this music is truly charming, so make sure to give it a look. And now you'll also have something to play the next time you want to crash a party.

Thanks to Rusty for sharing!

By the way, don't forget to follow us on the Rainbow Dash Network to keep up to date with the news at Everypony Sings.

Ponies Plus Metal

Here is another video for all those death metal fans out there: a new song from My Dying Pony. It combines The Pony Everypony Should Know with some new lyrics and instrumentation. It's got rumbly vocals, heavy distorted guitar, awesome drum work, and a clean voice singing the original lines from the show.

The original edit of My Dying Pony's song is on the right. If you want something a little less growly, then try the radio edit.  The band also has a Youtube Channel.

Thanks for sharing your genre-bending music, My Dying Pony.

Holiday Cheer!

Regardless of what Phil the Groundhog may have said, it's always the right time for wrapping up winter! KitRifty shared a full orchestration of Winter Wrap Up. It's really well done - it does a great job of capturing the brightness and liveliness of the original. Go take a look!

KitRifty's Youtube channel is here. You can also click through the video on the left; the description on it has some helpful information. There's a midi file and a wav file, or you can look at the sheet music as a MuseScore file.

Thanks for sharing, KitRifty!

Bass Players get to go to the Gala!

Bass players rejoice—icy780 shared bass tab for At the Gala. It's impressive, especially to do tab for such a long song. Plus, we don't have a lot of bass tab on the site, so we're always happy to share more. That makes today an exciting day!

You can find the bass tab here. After you take a look, go over to icy780's Youtube channel. Thanks for doing such a great job on the tabs, icy780!

Guitar Tab and Chords from Rusty

Rusty, who's sent in pony music before, shared another two pieces with Everypony Sings. The first is a melody guitar tab for the Piggy Dance. The second is guitar chords for the second half of the Flim Flam Brothers song (Rusty sent in chords for the first half earlier in the week). Rusty's work is detailed - it's definitely worth checking out! You can find the Piggy Dance tab here and the complete Flim Flam Brothers chords here.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful talent, Rusty!

The World-Famous Flim Flam Brothers!

Rusty shared guitar chords for the first part of The Flim Flam Brothers song. As we mentioned earlier, the song is a fun tribute to The Music Man. Thanks to the great job Rusty did with the chords, now you can play along! Find the chords here.

The chords for the rest of the song will likely follow, and we'll update the post if there's more to share. Thanks again to Rusty!