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Parasprites! (UPDATED)

HarmoniousKeys shared a sheet music version of the Parasprite Polka. It's a piano reduction and an all-around excellent piece of music. Watch the video to give it a listen, and then go try playing the sheet music yourself! HarmoniousKeys also wrote a duet version, which we hopefully will be able to share in the very near future.

In case you don't remember, HarmoniousKeys also shared a piano version of Hush Now, Quiet Now. And, of course, make sure to visit HarmoniousKeys' Youtube Channel. Thanks for sharing your musical talents!

Update: Here is the sheet music for the duet version, and here is the video. All of this is also on the music page for season one as well. HarmoniousKeys did a great job with these arrangements!

I Used to Wonder What Friendship Could Be...

...until Djeinus shared an awesome version of the Title Theme with me! (See what I did there?) Seriously, though, Djeinus shared sheet music for the Title Theme, and it's not just sheet music. It's also guitar tab. It's well worth checking out, and you can listen to a midi version here. It's wonderfully accurate and a ton of fun to play.

Djeinus also has a DA page with lots of great artwork. Clearly this is a person with many talents!

Thank for sharing, Djeinus!

Cider with a Capital C...

...and that rhymes with T and that stands for Tune!

If you haven't seen today's episode, there was an awesome Music Man-inspired number. Check it out in the video on the left. Share your chords, sheet music, or recordings, and we'll post them up. The creativity and talent of this community is always astounding!

Pegasi Wings

OfficialFacade wrote this original piece of music inspired by Rainbow Dash's wings, and it does a perfect job capturing the essence of this awesome pony. It's quiet powerful, and you'll probably find your foot tapping along with its driving rhythm. In fact, listening to it will probably make you feel 20% cooler. Head over to Youtube and give the video a thumbs up 'cause it certainly deserves it!

Thanks to OfficialFacade for writing this piece of music. Of course, OfficialFacade also has a Youtube channel with more fun stuff.

Rockin' to Rainbow Dash's Theme

Do you remember the song that plays in the background as Rainbow Dash battles Trixie in the episode Boast Busters? If not, go look it up because it's a great song!

Anyway, Power Chord made a new recording of the song that you can listen to over on Soundcloud.  Power Chord actually made a version of this song a couple months back, but this one is new and improved. In fact, the quality is so good that it rivals that of the original!

Power Chord also has a Youtube Channel with lots of other great music.  Thanks for sharing your musical talent, Power Chord! And don't forget that Top Hat made tabs of this song a while back so that you can play it yourself.

Hush Now, Quiet Now on Piano

HarmoniousKeys shared a piano arrangement for Hush Now, Quiet Now. The song sounds really charming on the piano, and the sheet music is beautifully done.

You can listen to it via the video on the right. It's truly a relaxing piece, and it makes the perfect lullaby. You can also play it yourself with the sheet music. Make sure to also visit HarmoniousKeys' Youtube channel.

Thanks for sharing, HarmoniousKeys!

Art of the Dress Rock

Andrew (aka bassmasta696 on Youtube) and Nick shared this cover of Art of the Dress. It turns Rarity's song into an epic rock piece with drums and guitar. It's a creative, fun, and well done interpretation of the song. Give it a listen on the left.

These same folks shared another song with Everypony Sings a few weeks back. You can find that one here. Thanks, Andrew and Nick!

If you have a cover of a pony song you would like to share, just let us know.

At the Gala Sheet Music

We have an awesome piece to share with you all today. Versilaryan shared sheet music for a full orchestration of At the Gala. That song is huge, so it must have taken a ton of effort and skill to write out music for it. The sheet music spans a massive 18 pages, and it is incredibly precise. Here is the sheet music, and here is a midi file. Amazing stuff!

After you take a look at the sheet music, head over to Versilaryan's Youtube channel. Thanks, Versilaryan!

Mandolin! Mandolin!

In a first for Everypony Sings, sillybear25 shared a mandolin tab for Art of the Dress. If you love 8-stringed folk instruments (like we do!), this is your lucky day. Sillybear25 did a great job, so it's definitely worth checking out.

Today is a great day. Thanks sillybear25!

Click here to find the tab.

Playing This Music Will Make You Popular

Apex shared with us two awesome pony remixes that are just a blast to listen to. The first is from The Pony Everypony Should Know, which is over on the right. The other is for Piggy Dance, which you can listen to by clicking here.

Now you have some more music to play at your next dance party. You'll be a popular pony, indeed!

You can also explore Apex's Youtube channel. Thanks to Apex for sharing!

Art of the Dress for Guitar or Bass

Good news for guitar and bass players! Mr. Mediocre shared two pieces he wrote: guitar chords and a bass tab for Art of the Dress. They're both incredibly detailed and lots of fun to play. You should definitely take a look.

Thanks, Mr. Mediocre. You do great work!

Stealing Her Thunder

SandvichParty shared an original song, called Stealing Her Thunder, inspired by the awesomeness that is Rainbow Dash. It is hard
to express how cool this song is. The tonality of the guitar is great, the drum work is fantastic, and the bass line is simply addictive. Give it a listen, and then listen to it again. You'll enjoy it!

Thanks to SandvichParty for sharing your musical talent. SandvichParty also has a Youtube channel with some more great music.

Pinkie Pie's at it Again

If you watched this week's episode, you know that Pinkie Pie was at it again with two short, fun songs. PiranhaPlant (who's shared a lot of great work with us before) sent in chords for Happy Monthiversary and the Piggy Dance. They'd be great for guitar or piano, and they are a heck of a lot of fun to play.

PiranhaPlant always does an amazing job, so make sure to try these chords out. Thanks, PiranhaPlant!

Right Here at the Gala!

Dimondium shared another piece of spectacular music: a full rendition of At the Gala. Just like his last piece, it is written with a lot of care and detail. It takes a ton of talent to make something like this, so definitely give it a listen. There is also a midi file.

If you missed Dimondium's last song, you can find it here or just surf down a couple of posts.

Dimondium also has a Youtube channel with more great music.  Thanks, Dimondium!

Two New Songs

You've probably seen it already, but there were two new songs in the most recent episode of FiM. They are both short Pinkie Pie affairs done in that energetic Pinkie Pie style!

You can hear one of the songs on the left and click here to listen to the other one.

Shoot us an email if you have chords, sheet music, tabs, covers, or anything else you would like to share about these songs. Hooray for new pony music!

An Original Piece: Oh Spike

Aerie shared this original piece of music about Twilight, Spike, and Rarity. It's a touching song with a nice, elegant sound. Give it a listen if you're in the mood to listen to some charming music.

This community is truly a talented one. Thanks to Aerie for sharing!

Just a few more hours until a new pony episode. We're hoping for a new song today!

Edit: Don't forget to visit Aerie's Youtube channel. There is a lot of fun stuff on it!

Full Rendition of Winter Wrap Up

Today is a great day for all you fans of Winter Wrap Up! Dimondium shared a rendition of the song, and he did a darn good job with it. It's a detailed piece of music that really captures the sound of the original.

You can listen to it on the left or download the midi file. Also look at Dimondium's Youtube channel. Thanks again, Dimondium!

Who else is excited for a new episode of ponies tomorrow?

Winter Wrap Up for Solo Piano

Here at Everypony Sings, we love hearing from other fans of the show who have musical talents to share. Contributor Skootties sent in another great piano cover - this one's for Winter Wrap Up. It's really fun to listen to, even if there's not a flake of snow where you are for ponies to clean up. Check it out!

There is also sheet music for the song so that you can play it yourself. Don't forget to head over to Skootties' YouTube channel for more great piano pieces.

Minecraft and Becoming Popular

Everyone loves Minecraft and the song Becoming Popular, so why not combine the two together? Well Pastel Ink has done just that. This video is an impressive piece of work that plays out the song using note blocks. It's fun stuff, so give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Pastel Ink. Also, your giant statue of Rarity is wonderful (as is the Scootaloo)!

If you have a pony cover you would like to share, send us an email.

Heart Carol Melody Tab

We have some awesome tabs tonight. Rusty shared a melody tab for the Heart Carol with rhythm markings. The rhythm markings make it really easy to follow and play along, so you should definitely go check it out. We have a PDF version and a .docx version.

Many thanks to Rusty!

A Charming Composition

SticktheFigure shared an original composition, which you can listen to over on the left. It's a relaxing piece that would fit in perfectly in an actual episode. Be warned, however, because the charming melody will probably get stuck in your head.

You can also find sheet music for the song here so that you can follow along as you listen. Then go take a peek at SticktheFigure's Youtube Channel.

The creativity of this community is truly impressive. There is nothing else like it!

Art of the Dress Rock Medley

We have a cool cover of Art of the Dress submitted by Dan Gaertner. It's a rock band instrumentation with drums, mandolin, guitar, and bass, and it sounds great. Take a listen!  It's done extremely well.

This is part of a rock medley that Dan is working on, which will include some of the other MLP:FiM songs. You can follow him on Youtube or Twitter.

Now on to something completely different: don't forget to check us out on the Rainbow Dash Network to keep up to date with posts from Everypony Sings.

Still Popular

New chords! Rusty shared guitar chords for Becoming Popular, and they are excellent. We gave them a spin, and they are definitely fun to play and sing along to! View them here as a pdf or docx file.

Who else can't wait for new episodes to resume? If you just can't get enough ponies in your life, go play some of our music, or submit a version of your own.

More Metal!

The first post of the year goes to My Dying Pony! If you recall, this death metal pony band shared a version of the title theme a few weeks back. They are at it again with a rumbling version of Winter Wrap Up. It's an awesome interpretation of an awesome song. Also, Apple Jack's part lends itself surprisingly well to death metal. Who knew?

Thanks to 10RSAX, the band's guitarist, for sharing this. Thanks also to Nightmare Lyre, who does the vocals, bass lines, programming, and mixing. Visit their Youtube Channel to see more of their work.