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Choral Arrangement of The Heart Carol

Perfect for all your holiday get-togethers: Reedmace Star shared an a capella chorale version (for SATB) of The Heart Carol. It's simply beautiful! You can listen to a midi version here and then take a look at the sheet music or the Lilypond version.

(If you want to download Lilypond, which is a free music editor, you should go take a look at their website.)

Thanks again to Reedmace Star for sharing this superb arrangement!


  1. Anyone else having problems opening the midi-file? I tried "FL Studio" and "Able Editor" with no success. I think there's something wrong with the file.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll see what I can do to fix it. Just to be clear, your able to download the file correctly?

  3. Nevermind, i fixed it by changing the file name from .midi to .mid (before downloading)