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A Present for You: Winter Wrap Up Tabs

It's almost Christmas, so here's a present! Shawnyall shared a melody tab for Winter Wrap Up. It's an extensive piece, and it's a blast to play. Click here to see them.

We might not be ready to clean up the snow just yet, but it's always the right time to enjoy great music. Thanks to Shawnyall for sharing!

 Happy holidays!

Power Chord Covers the CMC Theme

Power Chord made a rockin' cover of the CMC theme. It's got fantastic instrumentation, including a heck of a guitar line. Listen, enjoy, and rock out! Thanks for sharing, Power Chord.

On a related note, Power Chord is planning a live stream (or maybe a podcast) that will feature interviews with Brony musicians. Keep an ear out for it in the future. It'll be exciting stuff!

As always, if you have a cover you would like to share, send us an email. It might take it little longer for us to respond back, however, during the holiday season.

Making Covers is Magic

When listening to Yang Watanabe's EP, Making Covers is Magic, one word comes to mind: cool. The album has five tracks, and they are absolutely delightful. Give the album a spin. You'll love it!

You can listen to one track on the left, or download the entire thing via Bandcamp.

Thanks to Yang Watanabe for sharing this music!

Fluttershy's Lullaby Orchestrated

Mr. supdawgs shared a gorgeous, orchestral rendition of Fluttershy's lullaby. He took a short song from the show and expanded it into an even more elegant piece of music. It's simply stunning! Give it a listen on right. You can also visit Mr. supdawgs' Youtube channel.

Thanks for sharing your music, Mr. supdawgs!

Have we reminded people about the Rainbow Dash Network recently? You can follow us there to see updates about Everypony Sings.

Metal My Little Pony

What happens when you combine death metal and My Little Pony? You get My Dying Pony, a band made by Nightmare Lyre and 10RSAX! These die hard pony fans shared one of their songs, which you can listen to on the left. It's an awesome version of the title theme that is sure to please any metal fan. Give it a listen, and surf over to their Youtube Channel.

If you have a pony cover you want to share, send us an email. It's always great to hear the creativity of this community!

Choral Arrangement of The Heart Carol

Perfect for all your holiday get-togethers: Reedmace Star shared an a capella chorale version (for SATB) of The Heart Carol. It's simply beautiful! You can listen to a midi version here and then take a look at the sheet music or the Lilypond version.

(If you want to download Lilypond, which is a free music editor, you should go take a look at their website.)

Thanks again to Reedmace Star for sharing this superb arrangement!

Heart Carol for the Holidays

The great Piranhaplant is at it again! This time, Piranhaplant sent in two versions of The Heart Carol (A Circle of Friends): chords, which would be perfect for guitar or piano, and sheet music for a piano reduction of the song. It's just the thing to get you in the holiday spirit, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Hearth's Warming Eve, or something else entirely!

On a related note, some of the Everypony Sings team will be traveling over the holidays. We'll do our best to keep things updated, but there may be some delay. Happy holidays, everypony!

Hearth's Warming Eve Chords

As you've probably seen by now, there was a new song in this morning's episode. It is a short, but fun, piece of music. See it in the view on the right.

And that means it is time to play it! Thanks to miskof for sharing these chords. They are a blast to play, so grab a few friends, warm up your voices, and start singing!

We'll be posting a permanent link on the music page later today. We need to get an HD image from the song first. As always, shoot us an email if you have some music to share.

Thanks to SierraEx

Thanks to SierraEx for letting us use this awesome vector of Derpy. We used it to place a little Derpy at the bottom of the main page. We'll be hiding other ponies in various pages, so keep an eye out for them. If you want a real challenge, try to find the hidden Pinkie Pie.

Make sure also to look at SierraEx's DA page; it's full of fantastic artwork and nice looking vectors!

Art of the Dress: Piano and Voice

Apple Jack has a great idea: play more piano! To help, Lauren Winter has shared a charming piano and voice reduction of Art of the Dress. It's a fantastic rendition of a fantastic song.

You can view a PDF of the sheet music here or find it on Score Exchange. The latter link will let you listen to the file. Make sure to also click over to Lauren Winter's Youtube Channel.

Thanks again to Lauren Winter for sharing!

Swingin' Version of So Many Wonders

Contributor Just Another Brony shared a very cool version of So Many Wonders. It's sheet music for the bass line of the song with a fun swing rhythm. Check it out in either MuseScore or PDF. (If you don't have MuseScore, you can download it here for free.)

Just Another Brony suggested that it might be a cool project to build on this bass line. Have fun!

Thanks again to Just Another Brony for sharing so many resources for this song.

So Wonderful!

Just Another Brony shared some great chords for So Many Wonders. If you've been sad about the lack of Fluttershy so far in Season Two, you should go check out these chords and revisit the adorableness that is Fillyshy! They would work well for guitar, piano, or just about any other instrument.

Thanks again to Just Another Brony for sharing some wonderful musical talent!

Piano Arrangement: Becoming Popular

We have another version of The Pony Everypony Should Know (Becoming Popular) to share with you all!

OctaviasPianist sent in a piano arrangement, complete with video and sheet music (page 1 and page 2). I have to say, it's another job well done. This version seems very smooth, even peaceful. Lots of fun to listen to, and probably lots of fun to play! You can also check out OctaviasPianist's Youtube page.

Keep singing, ponies!

Becoming (even more) Popular

Jepp, an active member of the Everypony Sings community, shared a melody line guitar tab for everypony's new favorite song: The Pony Everypony Should Know (Becoming Popular). Jepp, you did a great job mapping out that melody line! Thanks!

You can find the tab here, and you can check out Jepp's Youtube channel, too!

(Also, picking images for this song is way too much fun for its own good.)

Two New Piano Arrangements

Skootties has written new piano arrangements for two more songs: Giggle at the Ghostly and the Title Theme. The brightness of the piano works well with Giggle at the Ghostly, and the arrangement of the theme does a nice job of capturing the energy of the original.  To say it simply, they sound great!

You can listen to a recording of Giggle at the Ghostly on the left and find the sheet music here.  And here is the recording and the sheet music for the Title Theme. Skootties' Youtube Channel has even more great music.

Thanks, skootties!

Crafting Some Tunes

WistonAndTheRadish constructed some fantastic pony covers using everypony's favorite video game: Minecraft. These projects must have taken a lot of talent (and redstone!) so make sure to give them a listen. The video on the right is Cupcakes. Some of the other songs include:
At the Gala
Cutie Mark Crusaders' Theme
Find A Pet
Winter Wrap Up

If you're itching to hear some music from season 2, make sure to surf over to Find a Pet. Thanks to WistonAndTheRadish for sharing!
(I love your Derpy Minecraft skin, by the way.)

Rocking and Wrapping

Andrew (aka bassmasta696 on Youtube) shared a metal cover of Winter Wrap Up that he made along with a friend.  For a lack of better words, it rocks! The chorus is particularly awesome. See the video on the left, or give it a listen over at SoundCloud.

If you have a cover of a pony song you want to share, shoot us an email. We'll post it up in the news feed so everypony can enjoy it!

More "The Pony Everypony Should Know" Versions!

Holy smokes, musical bronies! You guys are bringing the talent. We have another two versions of "The Pony Everypony Should Know" to share with you today. First of all, frequent site contributor Piranhaplant sent in guitar chords—check those out here. He always does a wonderful job.

Also, Macs submitted guitar chords, which you can check out here. They're a blast to play!

It's great to get so many different submissions. Thanks to everypony for sharing. Musical cutie marks for all of you!

The Pony (Song) Everypony Should Know

We hope you've all watched the latest episode—and seen Rarity's fabulous new song! Check it out in the video on the left.

We already have two versions of "The Pony Everypony Should Know" to share with you! First, miskof submitted guitar chords, so you can strum along. They are a ton of fun! Find them here.

Also, skootties (who just sent in that great version of the Find a Pet song!) shared a piano reduction of this new song, too. You can listen to a recording here, and check out skootties Youtube channel. Or you can download the sheet music and give it a try yourself!

Thanks to these awesome pony fans for sharing their musical talent. Keep it up!

Find a Pet (Piano Arrangement)

We have an amazing piano arrangement to share with you all today! Skootties made a stellar piano arrangement of the Find a Pet song. You can listen to skootties' recording in the video (on the right), or take a look at the sheet music. While you're at it, check out skootties' Youtube channel! Also...

*Spoiler Warning* There was a fun song in the new episode today.  We'll have more on that later!