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And the Winner Is....!

Well, in the race to come up with chords for "Find a Pet," we have a winner! Site contributor (and awesome brony) Piranhaplant sent in some spectacular chords. Find a partner to sing with, and start playing!

Just as a reminder, if you have some music to share, send an email to everyponysings[at]gmail[dot]com. Let us know what name you would like us to attribute the music to and if you have a webpage to which we can link.

Thanks again to Piranhaplant!


  1. One change that could be made: In the second-to-last line, where Fluttershy sings "May the games begin", Rainbow Dash joins her on "begin", because there's a vocal harmony there. May I suggest:
    Fluttershy: May the games
    Both: be-gin!

  2. @Jordan

    Makes sense. I would suggest sending an email to Piranhaplant about it, since he (she?) is the one who can make changes to the file. Piranhaplant's address is listed above the chords.

    Thanks a bunch for your comment!

  3. Thanks for pointing this out. It's been fixed.