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Gather Round, I'll Sing You A Song...

A song about a place filled with so many wonders. Brony Its Sonic sent in a guitar tab with the melody line of So Many Wonders. Go take a look, it's really cute!

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And the Winner Is....!

Well, in the race to come up with chords for "Find a Pet," we have a winner! Site contributor (and awesome brony) Piranhaplant sent in some spectacular chords. Find a partner to sing with, and start playing!

Just as a reminder, if you have some music to share, send an email to everyponysings[at]gmail[dot]com. Let us know what name you would like us to attribute the music to and if you have a webpage to which we can link.

Thanks again to Piranhaplant!

New Music: Best Pet!

We just watched today's episode and holy smokes, everypony—that was quite the song! Check it out if you haven't seen it already.

As always, if you want to submit a recording, sheet music, chords, or tablature, shoot us an email at everyponysings[at]gmail[dot]com. We love to feature and share the work of fellow fans.

(Did anyone else feel bad for the falcon?)

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!

We've got a new version of Making Cupcakes to share with you all. Julian sent us a piano and vocal arrangement of the song. Get out your keyboard, and go check it out. It's great!

While you're at it, go check out the music page. We did a slight redesign to make things easier to find. There's also a secret Pinkie Pie!

Thanks again, Julian!

Winter Wrap Up!

We don't know about where you are, fellow bronies, but we are ready to wrap up winter right now. We may not be able to control the weather with pegasus powers, but at least we have an awesome new version of Winter Wrap Up to share with you!

Bass Drop submitted an amazing full orchestration of W.W.U. Seriously, you have to check it out. He sent us a pdf and a midi file. Maybe if you listen to it over and over again, it'll get warmer and sunnier outside. That's what we're hoping, anyway.

Thanks again, Bass Drop!