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Sergmaster00 Strikes Back

Have you been feeling sad that we haven't had any new music in season 2 yet?  Well, here is a little something to make you feel better: Sergmaster00 sent in a wonderful Guitar Pro file for the Cutie Mark Crusader theme.  It includes parts for guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocals.  Make sure to give this one a look!

As always, if you don't have Guitar Pro, we recommend Tux Guitar.  It's an open source tab editor that you can download for free.

Thanks again to Sergmaster00!

Wrapping Up Three Ways

Brony Piranhaplant has submitted three versions of Winter Wrap Up: a piano reduction, piano chords, and guitar chords. It may not be time to wrap up winter just yet, but when is it not a good time to sing that awesome song? Thanks to Piranhaplant for these fantastic resources!

If any other bronies want to submit material to be placed on the site, send us an email at everyponysings[at]gmail[dot]com. Make sure to let us know what name you'd like us to credit and if you have a website, YouTube channel, or DeviantArt page.

Holy Bass Tabs, Batman!

(Batman reference on a pony site? Can we do that?)

The important thing is, we have a whole lot of new bass tabs! Sergmaster00, who submitted several bass tabs earlier, contributed a bunch of new ones. Many of these tabs include two versions, a low-pitched version and a high-pitched version. That means lots of happy bass players out there. Have fun!

New bass tabs:
Art of the Dress
Evil Enchantress (Pinkie Pie)
Evil Enchantress(Flutterguy)
Giggle at the Ghosty
Making Cupcakes
So Many Wonders
Title Theme
You Gotta Share

Plus, as an added bonus, he submitted GuitarPro files, focused on the bass part, for Making Cupcakes and Flutterguy's Evil Enchantress. Rock on, Sergmaster00! Thanks!

More Giggling!

Everypony Sings team member Moonlight Sonata contributed a new sheet music version of Giggle at the Ghosty. This version has vocals and a piano line. Go check it out if your life hasn't had enough giggling lately.

In other news, does anyone else feel like October 15 is taking forever to get here?

Luna's Lament

Have you seen this amazing video yet? It's a fan animation My Little Pony short called "Luna's Lament." This was clearly a labor of love by some talented bronies.

Everypony Sings team member Bagpipe Brony (AKA Glamstar Piper) contributed to the musical portion of the video. A bunch of other talented musicians worked on it as well. If that's not cool, we don't know what is. Watch it! Watch it or face the wrath of Nightmare Moon!