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Woohoo! Yay! Bass Tabs!

Fluttershy says: Sergmaster00, you rock! Woohoo!

Everypony Sings thinks Sergmaster00 rocks, too. This awesome brony sent us bass tabs for not one, not two... FOUR songs! Bass players, rejoice! Check out these tabs for Art of the Dress, the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme, Hush Now Quiet Now, and Winter Wrap Up. Woohoo!

(Does anyone else think Fluttershy would be the greatest bass player in an all-pony rock band?)


  1. YES! This is what my friend needs!

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty excited about this too!

  3. Woohoo! MLP tabs! I'm a bass player myself but a NOOB at the moment :/