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We're Gonna Sing It Very LOUD!

That's right! We've just posted guitar chords and sheet music for the Cutie Mark Crusaders epic 80s-rock-ballad. Huge props to our own Moonlight Sonata, who worked out the sheet music (and without whom Everypony Sings would be in deep trouble). Thanks also to Bagpipe Brony for sharing his ideas for the chords.

Check out the sheet music here (via Google docs), and the chords here. Tabs for the squiggly-wiggly guitar (that's technical musical terminology, thank you very much) will be posted in the near future. Enjoy!

[Edit: We forgot to include a link to the tabs Shaico submitted. Our apologies for that! Check out his tabs here.]


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  2. FYI, 20% Singalong-ier:

  3. @ObeyCelestia That singalong truly shows that friendship is magic! It's simply wonderful that the brony community comes together to make things like this.

  4. My tabs for this song are already up. My tabs don't count as tabs for this song? You're acting as if there are no tabs.

  5. @theoldrain: Sorry! We should have been more clear about that. I'll update the newspost with a reminder about the tabs you submitted. Thanks for catching our mistake!