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Cutie Mark Crusaders

Notes: Capo on the first fret

Am C F C G

Am             C
Look, here are three little ponies
F             C        G
Ready to sing for this crowd
Am                C
Listen up, 'cause here's our story
F                        G
I'm gonna sing it very loud!

Am Dm G

When you're a younger pony
And your flank is very bare
Dm                              C
Feels like the sun will never come
When your cutie mark's not there
So the three of us fight the fight
There is nothing that we fear
Dm                                       Em
We'll have to figure out what we'll do next
                  F      G
Till our cutie marks are here

Am           Dm          G       
We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
     Em                         Am
On a quest to find out who we are
            Dm             G
And we will never stop the journey
      Em                         Am
Not until we have our cutie marks

Am Dm G

They all say that you'll get your mark
When the time is really right
Dm                                         C
And you know just what you're supposed to do
And your talent comes to light
But it's not as easy as it sounds
And that waiting's hard to do
Dm                              Em
So we test our talents everywhere
              F   G
Until our face is blue

[Chorus x2]

Note: Just in case you want to rock out with power chords, here are the chords without the capo.

Bbm Db G Db Ab
Bbm Db G Db Ab
Bbm Db G Ab

Bbm Ebm Ab -

Bbm - Ab -
Ebm - Db -
Bbm - Ab -
Ebm - Fm G Ab

Bbm Ebm Ab Fm
Bbm Ebm Ab Fm 

Another Note: Thanks again to Bagpipe Brony for sharing his thoughts about the chords!


  1. I like this song and I like these chords... apart from F, F is my least favourite chord out of all of these

  2. I just replaced F and G with Am at the end of the verses and that worked fairly well.

  3. Sounds good, Maxy! I would recommend that people give it a try.

  4. By the way, this is possibly my most favorite website ever! Thank you SO MUCH for it! :3

  5. Power chords have an error.
    All the G have to be replaced by Gb.