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Evil Enchantress Sheet Music Posted!

In case you wanted Pinkie Pie (or Flutterguy!) to put you in trances, we've posted sheet music for both versions of Evil Enchantress. Check them out here!

We are currently working on the chords for At the Gala. Stayed tuned for that post. Keep singing, ponies!

Melody Tabs

Hey ponies! We just uploaded melody tabs for the Title Theme and Giggle at the Ghosty (since a lot of the songs don't have guitar parts that require fingerpicking, we've deciding to just do a melody line tab for those songs). Check out the tabs:

Title Theme
Giggle at the Ghosty

Send us an email at everyponysings<at>gmail<dot>com or follow us on the Rainbow Dash Network!

Welcome to GlamStar Piper

We've added another team member on our About Page.  Say hello to GlamStar Piper, also known as Bagpipe Brony!  He has helped to get the site going and is a true master of musical composition.  Make sure to listen to some of the music on his Youtube Channel.

We also created a full list of contributors on the About Page.  Thanks to all the ponies who have made this site possible.  The MLP community is truly a wonderful one!

On another note, come back soon as we'll be posting some sheet music for Evil Enchantress in the near future.

Singalong Songbook by CrayolaBrony

If you haven't already seen it on Equestria Daily, CrayolaBrony made a wonderful songbook for all the music in the show.  It includes lyrics and the key signatures for each song.  Bring it along for your next brony meetup so that you can all sing along together!  Click here to see the songbook.  Make sure also to check out CrayolaBrony's Deviant Art page.

CrayolaBrony is also working in collaboration with Everypony Sings to make a version with guitar chords.  Stayed tuned!

Drum Tabs and Singalongs

Hey everypony! We have some exciting content to share today.

First of all, Kits wrote some fantastic drum tabs for the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme singalong from Ponychan. Check out the tabs here, and make sure to stop by Kits' DA page. The singalong can be found here.

Second, there are two more singalongs in the works: Art of the Dress and Winter Wrap Up. If you want to participate in these singalong projects, go take a look!

Cupcakes! (Sheet Music!)

Two-thirds of Everypony Sings was away for the weekend on a short vacation, but Moonlight Sonata was hard at work on sheet music. We've just uploaded sheet music for Cupcakes. Check it out here!

We'll have more sheet music as well as some other fan content to post as the week goes on. Stay tuned! As always, you can get in touch with us at everyponysings <at> gmail <dot> com. Or you can follow us on Rainbow Dash Network.

Guitar Pro File for Hush Now, Quiet Now

Welthund has done it again! He used our sheet music and rewrote Hush Now, Quiet Now into a Guitar Pro file. Thanks for the hard work from this wonderful brony! Check out the Guitar Pro tabs here.

If you have content you'd like to submit to the site, email us at everyponysings <at> gmail <dot> com. Include a link to your DA page, Youtube channel, or other site, and we'll include it when we credit you!

Update: Sheet Music for Hush Now, Quiet Now

Hey everypony! We've added sheet music for Hush Now, Quiet Now, courtesy of our own Moonlight Sonata. Check it out here. But if it's past your bedtime, we encourage you to leave the exciting day behind you and GO TO BED.

Just a reminder: if you're on the Rainbow Dash Network, you can follow Everypony Sings. You'll get updates whenever we post new content to the site. Keep singing!

We're Gonna Sing It Very LOUD!

That's right! We've just posted guitar chords and sheet music for the Cutie Mark Crusaders epic 80s-rock-ballad. Huge props to our own Moonlight Sonata, who worked out the sheet music (and without whom Everypony Sings would be in deep trouble). Thanks also to Bagpipe Brony for sharing his ideas for the chords.

Check out the sheet music here (via Google docs), and the chords here. Tabs for the squiggly-wiggly guitar (that's technical musical terminology, thank you very much) will be posted in the near future. Enjoy!

[Edit: We forgot to include a link to the tabs Shaico submitted. Our apologies for that! Check out his tabs here.]