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Equestria Girls

F  Bb      Dm     C
There is a place
          F                   Bb    Dm  C
Where the grass is what's for dinner
F        Bb       Dm    C
Charmed, fun, and wild
              F                Bb   Dm  C
There must be something in the water
F     Bb        Dm    C
Sippin' rainbow juice
        F           Bb      Dm  C
Talking elements of harmony
    F    Bb          Dm  C
Our bronies hang out too
            F                  Bb    Dm  C
'Cause they know we're awesome fillies

C                  Dm
You can travel the world
But no one can groove like the girls with the hooves
C                   Dm
Once you party with ponies
You'll be seeing rainbooms, ooh ooh ooh

F    Bb   Dm                   C
Equestria girls, we're kind of magical
F        Bb      Dm         C
Boots on hooves, bikinis on top
F     Bb       Dm                    C
Furry coats so cute, we'll blow your mind
F      Bb     Dm        C
Ooh oh oh oh, ooh oh oh oh oh

F    Bb   Dm                C
Equestria girls, we're pony fabulous
F           Bb         Dm            C
Fast, fine, fierce, we trot 'till we drop
F           Bb   Dm                 C
Cutie marks represent, now put your hooves up
F      Bb     Dm        C
Ooh oh oh oh, ooh oh oh oh oh

F Bb Dm C

(Break it down, DJ PON-3
These are the ponies I love the most
I wish you could all be Equestria girls...)


  1. I was playing these, and I noticed something peculiar... shouldn't the order be F Bb /Dm C/ instead of F Bb /C Dm/? I'm positively sure that the last two are reversed in the song.

  2. Holy hoof, you're right! I've heard the original version enough times to permanently etch that chord progression into my brain. So when I wrote the chords, I wrote them as I recalled from the original. But it turns this pony parody changes it up a bit!

    Thanks for catching this. I'll go ahead and fix it now. You rock, sidnoea! I always appreciate your comments.