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Big News! Winter Wrap Up Sheet Music and Tabs

Hey bronies! We are very excited to let you know that we have added all the materials for Winter Wrap Up. In addition to the guitar chords, we now have sheet music and guitar tabs. We know Winter Wrap Up is a fan favorite (it's one of our favorites, too), so now you can play along to your heart's content.

Check it out by clicking on "The Music" or on the links below:

Winter Wrap Up Sheet Music
Winter Wrap Up Tabs
Winter Wrap Up Chords


  1. Is it at all possible to make the sheet music for alto sax?

  2. Interesting idea. I'll suggest it to the other folks on the team. You could also check here to see if you can find a musical line that would sound nice on the alto sax:

    1. What about a intermediate level piano score?

  3. Do you have this specifically for violin at all?

  4. TGAMER:

    You can easily transcribe the sheet music:

    for Alto Sax.


    open a new file, select alto sax or alto sax and piano.

    It will ask you for which instrument, time signature,
    key signature, Title, etc.

    Once the page is open, go to "notes" in the menu bar, go all the way down to "Concert Pitch" and click it. You should then have a check mark by it.

    Enter the notes from the Google Docs page above.

    If you have access to Sibelius or Finale, those are better, but musescore is free, Sibelius even the "starter" version is about $100.

    SO anyhow - once you get all the notes and rhythms into your Alto Sax part...SAVE!! OFTEN!...go back to the "Notes" menu and un-check "concert pitch.
    Now you'll have it!

    BUT: the piano recording

    is in Eb, whereas the google docs version is in Db.

    No Problem, though. Highlight the part you made and click "Notes" again, go to "Transpose by Interval" and click on the "up" button, then in the drop-down menu click on " Major Second."

    WHEW! NOW you have an alto sax part that is in C (for alto sax) and can be played along with the piano recording.

    Final things:

    To transpose a piano score (concert pitch), move all the notes up the interval of a Major 6th . EX: Concert pitch C = an A for Alto sax, Bb = G, F=D, etc. Confused? May be easier to think of it this way:

    whatever note you need to transpose, think of that note being the first note of that note's scale, then go up to the 6th note of that major scale and that's your alto note.

    HOWEVER, in the case of the two versions above, is in Eb, the Google in Db. That's why we had to transpose up another step (major 2nd) for a part you can play with the recording.

    If you want to find out more about transposition, go to my website's page

    Feel free to click around the site. I teach music theory.

    Why am I posting about ponies? Because my daughter made me watch episodes 1 and 2 and I was TOTALLY hooked! Then she told me who started it. OOOHHH!
    "Dexter's Lab.," "Samurai Jack" and "Powerpuff Girls. Then it made sense - the show is fast paced, timing is great, the animation style is pure "eye candy," the character development goes into great detail, the show deals with emotional and interpersonal relationships that everyone can relate to at ANY age.

    The scripting is clever and seldom seems targeted at 8-10 year olds. The music - and probably few people notice this - often has "homage" motifs and is always in a style that supports the scene. And the "older" viewers probably catch classic cartoon "manuevers" from Warner Brothers, which is what we grew-up with.

    Last comment, not a complaint, just a request:
    Can you use "real" wind instruments and not midi samples, esp. for trumpets? (Yes, I play trumpet!)

    This is a great show! There are SO many stories that can be developed from what has been established that 100 episodes would be a low-ball figure.

    CAVEAT: Don't let it get cheesy!! Keep it "real."

  5. @jhjulian

    Thanks for your helpful and extremely informative comment!

    I should note that we are not affiliated with the person who did the piano cover. Regardless, everyone should listen to it. It is beautifully done.

  6. Can you put it for flutes as well??

  7. @LoganLuvr

    Thanks for your comment. I can ask around to see if anyone can arrange this for flute. You also could try looking at this page; it might have a music resource that you can use for the flute.

  8. Is it at all possible to make the sheet music for electric gitar

  9. @Pony99

    Sorry for the delay in my response. I missed your comment at first. Are you looking for sheet music with chords, the melody line, or some other part?

  10. Do you think you could create a trumpet version?

  11. Could you make 12 hole ocarina Tabs?

    1. Interesting idea. I wonder what kind of software you would use to make that?

    2. STLocarina has a fingering composer ( that i tried using but I couldn't quite get the right tune (I don't know much about reading music sheets). I have the 12 hole C major ocarina and it started to sound ok but was defiantly needed something.

  12. Hey, I love this song but I can't play guitar... But I can play claranet! Maybe you could make sheet music for the claranet. I just can't find it anywhere online...