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Bonus Song: Equestria Girls!

Last week, the Hub released "Equestria Girls" — a parody video of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" with fan references to bronies and DJ-PON3. (How awesome is that?!)

Everypony Sings is happy to let you know that we've just posted lyrics and guitar chords to "Equestria Girls" under our Bonus Music category. Check it out by clicking on "The Music" or by clicking here.

As always, you can send us your comments or suggestions at everyponysings <at> gmail <dot> com. Or feel free to leave a comment on the songs themselves. Keep singing along, bronies!

Great Guitar Pro Files!

Some more awesome bronies have shared Guitar Pro files with us!  The first is for Art of the Dress from lolstaz.  It's done extremely well, so make sure to go look at it.  Also make sure to take a peek at lolstaz FA page.

Welthund also worked with our sheet music to make a Guitar Pro file for Winter Wrap Up.  As always, Welthund did a fantastic job!  While you're at it, go listen to Welthund's bass cover of Giggle at the Ghostie on Youtube.  Thanks again to both of these bronies!

Big News! Winter Wrap Up Sheet Music and Tabs

Hey bronies! We are very excited to let you know that we have added all the materials for Winter Wrap Up. In addition to the guitar chords, we now have sheet music and guitar tabs. We know Winter Wrap Up is a fan favorite (it's one of our favorites, too), so now you can play along to your heart's content.

Check it out by clicking on "The Music" or on the links below:

Winter Wrap Up Sheet Music
Winter Wrap Up Tabs
Winter Wrap Up Chords

Everypony Sings on the Rainbow Dash Network

Everypony Sings just joined the Rainbow Dash Network.  For those who don't know, this is a social site similar to Twitter, but everything is focused on ponies!  Sign up if you haven't already.  Click here to join our group so that you can keep up with all the news at Everypony Sings.

We have more sheet music, tabs, and guitar chords coming just around the corner!

Evil Enchantress and Singing Telegram Chords

Hello again, fellow music-loving bronies! We just uploaded chords for Evil Enchantress (both renditions!) and Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram. Go take a look by clicking "The Music" or by following the links below.

Evil Enchantress

Singing Telegram

In other news, we love all the comments and submissions we've gotten from you, readers. Keep it up! You can email us at everyponysings <at> gmail <dot> com if you have tabs, sheet music, videos, or anything else you'd like to share. We'd be happy to feature it on the site.

Guitar Pro Files: Two More Songs

There are a lot of fantastic pony fans out there!  Today we have two Guitar Pro files to share with you all.

The first is from Bagpipe Brony.  He did an excellent job putting some music together for the title theme.  Go give it a peek!

Welthund also wrote our sheet music for Art of the Dress into Guitar Pro, and it sounds great.  Make sure to look at!

Thanks to both of these bronies for sharing their musical talents.  If you don't have Guitar Pro, there is an open source program called TuxGuitar you can use.

Parasprite Polka!

Bagpipe Brony has put together something amazing: sheet music for the Parasprite Polka.  It is truly impressive work.  All of the separate parts are written out and everything.  Go look at it right now!  There is also a file for Guitar Pro.  Thanks, Bagpipe Brony!

Check back in the near future because we will be posting up chords for Evil Enchantress and Pinkie's Singing Telegram soon.

Art of the Dress Tabs and More Stuff!

We put up some tabs today for Art of the Dress.  It is a fun piece to play!  Make sure to check it out.

Shaico also sent us some alternate chords for Winter Wrap Up and tabs for the Cutie Mark Crusaders' theme.  Get out your guitar and give them a try.  Thanks, Shaico!

Piano Sheet Music for You Gotta Share

Today is your day, piano players!  Thomas Cool has submitted a wonderful arrangement of You Gotta Share.  You should definitely check it out.  Thanks, Thomas Cool!

If you would like to submit music you wrote, write us at everyponysings <at> gmail <dot> com.  Let us know if you have a blog, Deviant Art page, Youtube channel, etc. so that we can give attribution for your work.

On another note, we have more sheet music and chords coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Submissions from Other Ponies!

We have gotten some fantastic submissions from other MLP fans.

To start, Kits and NightColt wrote tabs for Winter Wrap Up. Both versions sound great! Click here and here to check them out. Kits also pointed me to two nice threads on PonyChan about MLP chords and such. Check them out here and here.

Welthund took our sheet music from Giggle at the Ghostie and turned it into tabs using Guitar Pro. Thanks!

Finally, Daylight pointed me to a link for these alternate chords for Winter Wrap Up on Ultimate Guitar. Thanks for the link!

If you would like to submit something to us, please feel free to drop us a line at everyponysings <at> gmail <dot> com.

Sheet Musics

Hi guys! Moonlight Sonata here. I'm the resident sheet music pony. I haven't had quite as much free time as Ruby and Candy to work on stuff lately, but I have lots of sheet music in the works for you all!

To start off, I've been focusing on rock ensemble instrumentations of everything—electric bass, one or two guitars, and keyboard where appropriate. I've been trying to balance making faithful transcriptions of the music while still making it practical and fun to play. It looks like there's a lot of interest in piano arrangements as well, so I'll be starting work on those once I have the other versions of everything posted.

Thanks so much for your patience, and for visiting!

—Moonlight Sonata

Thank you!

Wow, we've been up for less than 24 hours and we're already getting feedback! We wanted to say a few quick thank yous.

First of all, a big thanks to Equestria Daily and Derpy Hooves for linking to us, and to their readers for coming over to check out the site. You all are awesome!

Second of all, we're already getting corrections, alternative chords, Guitar Pro tabs, and video responses (check out this one from commenter Geo). Keep it up! We're thrilled to see other bronies who are excited about the MLP:FiM music. We're working on implementing alternative versions and user-generated content so that we can share what you all are writing. Stay tuned for that.

Also, if we don't respond to you immediately, please know we are happy to see each and every comment. Unfortunately, we also have lives (and, in the case of Moonlight Sontata, finals), so we're doing this in our spare time. Thanks for your patience as we gradually improve the site.

Thanks again for visiting the site and for all the positive comments.

-Ruby Rose (site moderator)

Everypony Sings is Live!

Everypony Sings is going live tonight, May 18. We are thrilled to be open for business!

We have uploaded chords for nearly all of the songs from season one of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You can find them by clicking "The Music," above. In the coming days and weeks, we'll finish uploading the guitar chords. We'll also be including sheet music and tabs.

Please check out the songs, try them out on the guitar. If you have suggestions or corrections, let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

For more information, click "About." Or to see other cool pony sites, click "Links."